Chrome Dino offline side-scroller

(John) #4

Great! And i love the “Arduboy coming down text” It´s look like the GAMEBOY. The Game are litte, but fine!

(Gavin Atkin) #5

Super legit. I’ll check it out when I get home

(Max) #6

Simple, efficient, like it :smile:

(Szmozsánszky István) #7

Should anyone be interested, here is the Spooky Ghost Halloween Edition! :ghost:

Enjoy, happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern: :wink:

(James Bamkin) #8

I would love to see this continue to be developed, I like the idea of the fake 8-bit game inside the browser becoming a real 8 bit game.

(Cody) #9

Looks cool,funny,and dramatic


hey there, my arduboy in going wack and I’m not sure how to fix it? what should i do. I’m brand new and i just got it today

(Holmes) #11

What exactly is happening? Is everything scrolling to the side real fast? If that’s the case, try checking out this link to fix it.


sort of but there are just a bunch of dots showing up and sometimes there are more dots than before. Also,sometimes there is a long bar going horizontally and the dots are moving. It may be because there are 2 super small(2 millimeter roughly each) inside the visible part but the are not stuck to anything

(Holmes) #13

Do you mind uploading a pic? That will definitely help us out!

(Szmozsánszky István) #14

For those interested, here’s the latest version of the game:

Enjoy :blush:

(Darren Witchunter) #15

This was so wonderful! My girlfriend and I got great joy out this piece of work you did! Cant wait to see more of your work, and any other conversions/recreations you do! :grinning:

(Orrin Woodard) #16

how do i download the newest version onto my arduboy?

(Simon) #17

There is a hex file here >

Use the Arduboy Manager to upload the games > Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!


The hitbox ain’t quite right so it is difficult to play the game. I am not saying it is a bad game though. Good job on the clone, but I might just go ahead and upload another one at some-point-in-the-future.

(Simon) #19

You might prefer this version:

And the accompanying educational articles:

(Simon) #21

Mine allows you to duck …

(Scott R) #22

Fixed it for you. Ducks wasn’t invented then.

(Liam) #23

I can’t seem to get access to the link :frowning:

(Simon) #24

I renamed the articles because they clashed with @crait
They are under education \ lessons > Make Your Own Sideways Scroller: Part 1 - Steve The Jumping Dinosaur