Circuit Dude [2.1] - Awesome Puzzle Game With 50 Levels!


I played this through and really enjoyed it. Level 49 was especially satisfying to solve. Great job designing this challenging logic game!

(Holmes) #143

Thank you! :smile:

:laughing: I designed them all- I did, however, pull inspiration for one or two of them from various games. I’m hoping someone will actually be able to catch the references!

(Boris) #144

Really enjoyed this game, 48 was probably the hardest for me.

Never expected to get so much play out of it, especially for something that was free. Maybe I’ve become too used to micro transactions. :^)

(Holmes) #145

I actually hate microtransactions! One of the reasons why the DLC for Circuit Dude on Steam will be completely free. :smiley:

Glad you liked the game!

(Sunny) #146

Im stuck on level 39, any help? Lol. Level 11 was another tough one for me. Great game, thank you :smiley::clap::+1::pizza::tada::1st_place_medal:

(Holmes) #147


Click the blurry text in order to view this hint: Start on the right end of the level and work your way to the left side, then back to the middle. You ought to end up using the conveyor belts only twice. :slight_smile:

(Scott R) #148

Just saying … :joy::+1:t2:

(Sunny) #149

I made it before your help :stuck_out_tongue: lol. We have a much bigger problem now, Its called level 44! Ahhhh… Very challenging and addictive. Its a game that i will be able to play over and over because i prolly wont remember how to do most the levels. Again great game and thanks for the help.

(Sunny) #150

Still on level 44 here. I think ive spent about 3 hours on it total. It seems ive played it every way possible and the level cant be beat? Its all just a big conspiracy against me right? Lmao…

(Sunny) #151

Finally! Crait you are evil lol. Ok i wont take up any more space. I dont think i should buy the newer version, it might take over my life.

(Holmes) #152

XD XD XD Did you beat level 44???

It’s definitely beatable!! :smiley: Please let me know if you still need help and I can post a hint. I can’t believe I posted the wrong level earlier. -__-’

(Pharap) #153

I for one welcome our puzzling overlord.

(Sunny) #154

just finished 48. damn tough stuff

(Holmes) #155

Almost done! Let me know if you like the ending!! :smiley:

(Sunny) #156

Yay! finally finished, but i killed us all in doing so. Great game, cool ending. thanks again


Well, I’ve owned my Arduboy for only 5 days and I’m pretty much hooked to Circuit Dude. One of the first games I loaded onto the device, and I haven’t had the heart to remove it yet, not before I finish all the levels. I’m at level 49, and I’m so excited to see the ending for this jem. Keep it up @crait :smiley:

(Scott) #158

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(Scott) #159

With the new version 5 release of the Arduboy2 library, this problem, which was never addressed, manifests itself more severely. The changes to setRGBled() make it more “aggressive”, so sound is now corrupted.

Changing sound to use the new BeepPin1 class might provide acceptable sound, without conflicting with the RGB LED. (The issue is that @crait wants a smooth sounding ramp during “self distruct”. I haven’t experimented to see how BeepPin1 will handle this).

The main issue with switching is that BeepPin1 requires count values, instead of frequency values used by ArduboyPlaytune. The values to ramp the tone up would need to be inverted and possibly adjusted differently to produce the desired glissando.

Arduboy2 - The now recommended alternative to the Arduboy Library
(Alex) #160

Im not going to use the LED at all in any of my games. Its too bright and of course weird to program with that issue you cited.

(Simon) #161

But you can control the brightness … I am using the ArduboyTone library and the new setRGBled() command in Lode Runner. I have fixed most of the ‘brightness’ levels by setting the various colours to about 64 - anything else is too bright for me.