Circuit Dude - 3.1 UPDATE! (75 Levels + Level Editor + Sharing Tool!)

Level 30 Damm these levels are rock solid but it’s what’s me wanting more.


Thanks for the well thought-out response! I really value your feedback! In my next Arduboy game, I’ll definitely keep this all in mind and continue to play around with it if I ever need to release another update to Circuit Dude

EEK! No one is supposed to notice that! :blush:

Keep at it! :smiley:

Another code optimization hint:

Whenever you know a variable will never go negative, make it an unsigned type. By changing char to byte (unsigned char can be used if preferred) and int to unsigned int where possible in my modified CircuitDude.ino gist (EDIT: gist removed as per the author’s code use requirements), code size was reduced by 268 bytes. My version now compiles to 27024 bytes which is 1580 bytes less than the original CircuitDude V2.0


Level 37 tough as hell this is torture lol.

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Level 45 almost there looking forward to showing the ending unless someone beats me to it lol.

Take a pic at the “The End” screen! I want to tweet it! I think you will be the first to beat all 50 levels!

Will do will try the mirror feature last few levels are awesome as all the others watch this space…

Update lol struggling on level 45 it is very hard.

@crait where am I going wrong?I keep getting trapped bottom right corner.


I am so glad I put that level all the way near the end! I would suggest using the rotation button as well as a little planning-ahead to get past that quadrant! :smiley:

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I really like this game, I’ve been playing a little more than a day(ish) and I’m up to level 32, it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Nice. Makes me think that one of my favorite c64 games might work with no colours.


very cool game and a great gameplay!!! thank you for your effort to bring out this game to our community.

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Level 37 has me stumped right now. Any clues? example, how many times do I need to hit the rotate buttons?

– doesn’t matter, got it.

Wait till you get on Level 45 Good luck.

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Darn! Just played through it, again, to double-check and give you some hints. For anyone wondering, the best hint I can give you to beat level 37 is to start at the top, and work your way down, row by row. :wink:

Remember, you can always try a combination of walking into the rotating tunnels and then back out of them as well as using the rotation buttons. This will allow you to change layout of the last quadrant. When I do it, I got into it to do a few chips, then come out, then go back in to get the rest of them. :slight_smile:

Just got there now, it does look tricky.
Not so bad, just a few extra circles to make :slight_smile:

The middle bit on 48 has me struggling right now…

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Whoever beats level 50, be sure to post a pic so I can tweet it! I want to do something special for the first person who beats all 50!

It ill be spinal i am still stuck on 45 lol love the game.

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That last little bit on 49 has got me for now…

Finished, evidence on its way.

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Here you go, I left out the end sequence, didn’t want to spoil it for anyone…

That middle bit had me for a little while until I realized I was thinking about it the wrong way around.

A very good game indeed, it really reminds me of 8bit gaming in the 80s and 90s.


AWESOME! This makes me sooo proud as a game developer! :smiley:

Thanks for not spoiling the ending! You liked it, right???

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I wouldn’t have played it all of the way through if I didn’t like it. I’ve completed maybe a dozen games in the last 25ish years and this is one of the better ones.

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