Circuit Dude - 3.2 UPDATE! (75 Levels + Level Editor + Sharing Tool!)

Need the Android version

Woot! PC version is available for download!! :heart: :heart:

@curly, I’ll be sure to notify you when the Android version is out. :3


Is there any way to save your process on the computer and switch to another game ?

The Arduboy saves your progress for several games, including Circuit Dude, in EEPROM memory, which does not get erased when you put a new game on the system! :smiley:

Just curious, what level are you on? :slight_smile:

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Unless another game overwrites it of course :P.
I’m guessing nothing’s using the same area as Circuit Dude yet though, thankfully.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t you have a way to poll your repo to find out which games use which EEPROM areas?
If that’s not already a feature it would be a really handy thing to have.

It’s been talked about. It’s one of the reasons that the EEPROM storage use fields were added to the .arduboy file specification. I’m pretty sure nobody’s done it yet, though.

That’s what I meant. @crait’s online repo accepts .arduboy files so it would have the EEPROM field, he’s be able to do a poll of/keep track of which games use what EEPROM blocks and publish it somewhere, as would @eried and anyone else who is maintaining a repo that accepts .arduboy files.

That’s unfortunate.

Awesome kinda new at this stuff and im at level 26 :smiley:

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<3 <3 <3 Awesome~~ That’s actually pretty far. Keep it up!

Yeah I will it’s my favorite game on the ArduBoy and im about to buy it on steam as well! :smile:


Thank you for the support!

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I just put on my Arduboy today.

Loved this! Those puzzles were challenging and satisfying. And yes, I did finish it :slight_smile: Did you design all the puzzles yourself?


Woot! Did you like the secret ending?! :smiley:

As for the levels, I did design them all myself except for 1 of them, which was inspired from another game. (Can’t remember which # it was!)

If you liked it, be sure to pick up the version on Steam with 50+ new puzzles! All existing puzzles are also updated and remastered to be a bit different. :slight_smile:

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Now I really need to play it to the end for sure :slight_smile:


Great ending. That’s what kept me going!

But I loved puzzle 49 most! That was my favorite. I was proud of myself for beating all these puzzles. Mad respect for the one who designed them!


I played this through and really enjoyed it. Level 49 was especially satisfying to solve. Great job designing this challenging logic game!

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Thank you! :smile:

:laughing: I designed them all- I did, however, pull inspiration for one or two of them from various games. I’m hoping someone will actually be able to catch the references!

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Really enjoyed this game, 48 was probably the hardest for me.

Never expected to get so much play out of it, especially for something that was free. Maybe I’ve become too used to micro transactions. :^)


I actually hate microtransactions! One of the reasons why the DLC for Circuit Dude on Steam will be completely free. :smiley:

Glad you liked the game!