Circuit Dude - 3.2 UPDATE! (75 Levels + Level Editor + Sharing Tool!)

Awesome! As you said, before, this will likely fix the other problems you’ve been having. :slight_smile:

Let me know how far you get in Circuit Dude! :heart:

I just started with some Arduino projects, and was fooling around with EEPROM data with the Arduboy Assistant when I wiped my progress in Circuit Dude. How do I restore the level in the code? I didn’t have much luck messing with the variables.

Secondly, my mind is a bit blown on how you did the level design. I’m still working through the various games to get a handle on my own idea for a game to see what is possible, but this is gold. My favorite game so far.

Finally, I would be one to chime in against open sourcing this project. Letting people distribute freely will take traffic and eyeballs away from your seminal work. Ideas are a dime a dozen, and if someone wants to make a transformative work based on any number ideas, there’s nothing really stopping them. I would hate to see Circuit Dude distributed as shovelware on Steam or something. Frameworks should be opensource, but not one’s art. This is art.

Update: I got it to work by setting levelchecker to a number, and erasing data within the program. I wasn’t erasing the existing saved data so recompiling did nothing.


I am stuck on level 22 can anyone help?

This level is such a good one!! :wink:

Tip: Try going all the way to the right with as few chips as you can, then work your way back over to the left, plugging in the missing chips. :slight_smile:

Don’t give up! The last 3 are very tricky but are beatable multiple ways! :smile: If I had my Arduboy to double-check, I would givr you a hint. :wink:

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This is an amazing game. I had to edit the starting level after loosing my EEPROM so I look into the code and notice how full is the program space.

Just as an exercise I tried to save some space. Using I count all the “pieces” used by all levels:


21 so you cannot use 1 byte for 2 of them (ideal condition) but… since there are only 21 then you have 255-21 more replacements you can create. The same website tells me that:

Word sequences occurring in more than one place (disregarding
intermediate punctuation or numbers), and the number of occurrences:
“chipo chipo blank” 98
“chipo vwall” 88
“hwall hwall hwall” 84
“blank blank blank blank blank” 79
“vwall chipo” 75
“chipo chipo chipo chipo” 75
“vwall blank blank” 74
“blank blank vwall” 72
“hwall nubri” 70
“blank blank chipo” 67
“chipo blank blank” 64
“nuble hwall” 62
“blank vwall blank” 59
“hwall hwall hwall hwall” 56
“blank blank blank blank blank blank” 50

So I can take the first of these and in Excel create a replacement:

Then I use regex to replace the coincidences (with an app called PowerGrep):

The main idea is to replace for example A, B, C by a new value ABC, and then in runtime expand ABC to A, B, C. Of course the levels are harder to modify now, but if we really needed this space we could code a little tool to do this work automatically…

This is a really quick and dirty approach to “compressing” the levels, but it helped to reduce 5% the total program space:

Sketch uses 26782 bytes (93%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.
Global variables use 1392 bytes (54%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1168 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes.

Maybe after all this is too much hustle for just saving 5%.

Source code:
Excel file:

If he wanted to do this (double storage per byte) he could do it with a C PRE-PRECESSSOR pretty easy also without even changing much code… let the compiler do the work for you.

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This is a really cool process and I’m glad you detailed it, I’ve been thinking about a similar compression method for text. I’m interested in doing something similar here except for probably two letter phonemes and common conjunctions.

The cake is a lie?

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Don’t make me hungry!

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Uploaded this today and am absolutely loving it. Using 2.0 from arduboy manager and just got to level 31 is it a duplicate of level 28?

I also tried adding the 2.1 .arduboy to Arduboy Manager as it crashes and ARG’s Game loader stated invalid blah blah.

Another Edit:
Uploaded the 2.1 sketch 28 and 31 appear to be identical (28 took me ages :joy:)

Just a heads up! I have officially announced Circuit Dude for Steam and mobile platforms. This includes Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and, yes, Linux. It’s set to be done by July 1st and will include the following features/upgrades:

• 100+ Levels :metal:
• Many new mechanics :gear:
• Level editor :pencil2:
• Online level sharing :pizza:
• Updated, full-color graphics :rainbow:
• Cool music :headphones:

Of course, I wouldn’t have been willing to work on this and invest so much money/time into if I didn’t have you guys to thank. All of the love and feedback you guys have given me really pushed me to spreading the availability about this game to those who don’t have Arduboys.

I plan on updating the pixel art for the Arduboy version and possibly include some of the newer features if there’s room for them, including basic music. :slight_smile: Of course, those updates will come after this version is released.

If you’re interested, you can follow the development on my Twitter account. :slight_smile:


That is great news, looking forward to it and I’ll cheer it on and spread the word along the way!

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This is great! I can say for sure that circuit dude was the only game in the arduboy which make me play for hours

I hope he is not that naughty on the new adventure :smile:

Naughty?? Because of the ending?? xD I am playing around with a few ideas. I think I want to do a slightly different ending, which actually has a bit to do with his redesign. :wink: Gotta keep things secret for right now, but you’ll love it.

Finally, I complete all 50 levels.
Very great addictive game, but… I hate you! I spent so much time last days. Last 5 levels (more o less) I retry thousand time before discover right sequence. So I must say you…Thank you! I really enjoyed it.
Good luck for your new level :wink:



Glad you enjoyed the game, Marco! Congrats on finally beating it! The last 5 episodes were really hard!

Keep checking back here for any new news about the newer version of the game as well as and possibly an updated version for the Arduboy. :slight_smile:

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The last five have me beat for now, it’s almost tempting to edit them :joy:

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Keep at it!! You are so close!


Hey, guys! Keep up with Circuit Dude for PC and other platforms by liking my Facebook page!

Circuit Dude is officially releasing for PC on Steam on August 3rd!

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