Circuit Dude [3.2]

Anyone who can get past level 4 is a wizard in my book.

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JUST RELEASED VERSION 3.0!! IT’S HUGE!!! (Level editor, 25+ new levels, new mechanics, and more!)

  • Re-wrote and refactored the entire game
  • Created a level editor for making custom levels
  • Added 25+ new levels
  • Added in teleportation pads, conveyor reversal buttons, and changed heatsinks to trap doors
  • Re-arranged the levels in order to match the full version more closely
  • Changed the aesthetic layout of many levels
  • Updated the in-game graphics to match the full version
  • Updated the logo, imagery, and branding to match the full version
  • Updated the level drawing to save some space
  • Changed memory location of the current level in EEPROM

Awesome dude!

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Going to install and test it right now!

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Awesome! The level editor needs an export to serial and import from serial feature :stuck_out_tongue: to share our levels here and compete.


WHOA! Not a bad idea!! :stuck_out_tongue: For now, I was hoping to see people’s send pictures over so that I can remake them and try to beat them!

This is fantastic!

I now need to complete the previous game before moving up.


How much memory do you have left? I am guessing it might be a squeeze to get more code in.

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All the old levels are included or reordered to make progression a little easier. So, if you did not want the extra stress, I would say this is the definitive version. :slight_smile:

Tight squeeze, but doable. Working on it, now… :kissing_heart:


The code generates a few warnings with Compiler warnings set to All. Although they probably don’t affect anything, it’s always nice not to see warnings (though you can’t get rid of the “EEPROM” warnings outside your code).

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Awesome! We would be able to help if it was in github lol :smiley:

I guess the simplest most economical would be to have a simple encoding in and out, like 2 chars per byte (i.e. the sum of both minus a fixed value makes a byte, so you have a way to make it posteable here)

Just a quick update about this… I got the upload/download working for levels as well as a bug fix. I also finished the program that you can use to upload/download levels onto the Arduboy. Best of all, you can save them as .DUDE files to your computer, then share them, online, or even use them on other platforms that I’m putting Circuit Dude on! The program also lets you edit the levels or load any of the 75 built-in levels, as well.

I’ll release the 3.1 update and program, tonight. :wink:


Compatible with Mac? Please say yeessss…

Unfortunately, Apple does not like people developing for their systems without buying one. I don’t have a Mac, so I cannot compile my code. I spent a lot of time looking at frameworks that I could use, but I’m limited without a Mac. :’(

Would you be open to creating a web interface? I love Circuit Dude but I am limited to Mac as my main computer and a secondary linux computer.

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I have a web editor that I’ve been using for myself that converts things to code that I can throw in the sketch file. I can probably configure it for an Electron app. That may take some time to port, though.

You could always open source the code for the editor and let someone else port it if you don’t have time to do so yourself.
Or at least publish a specification of the data format so people can write their own editors.

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I have one too but I would never say I am limited by it :slight_smile:

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No need to port to electron… It would be great if you could throw that html/javascript file into github or smthn… I prefer HTML, CSS and PHP over other languages so I could create a more complex and finished web interface if you want.

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