Circuit Dude for Nintendo Switch and iOS/Android/PC/macOS!

Hey, guys! Circuit Dude is now available for Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS, Android, and PC/macOS on Steam!

Trailer: Circuit Dude Release Trailer - YouTube
Press Kit: Circuit Dude By Jonathan Holmes (crait)


  • 120 levels
  • Level editor
  • Online level sharing
  • 10+ cool tile mechanics
  • 15+ hours of gameplay
  • Original soundtrack
  • Crazy twist ending

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, masOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Arduboy

Arduboy version:

Let me know if you liked the game or not! I’d love any kind of feedback! :heart: :robot: :zap:


In all seriousness i really like this game. Though I forgot what he was building😕

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Man, congratulations! It’s great to see the little dude reach a bigger audience. All the best to both of you :slight_smile:


Is there a demo or half price code?

There’s the Arduboy version, but otherwise no demo.

There was a discount for the first few days, but that’s expired so you’ll either have to pay the full price or wait until it goes on sale again, which could be quite some time.

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Is he building something diferent in the PC?

There’s a lot more pictures and a better explanation in the PC version, but the general story is the same.

I really don’t have a the resources or time to dedicate to making a demo of the game, but a lot of the gameplay is the same or similar to the Arduboy version, so if you like that version, you’ll definitely like the PC one! :smiley:


HOWDY, YA’LL! Just wanted to throw out there that I’ve updated Circuit Dude on the PC to version 2.0, which includes 20 new levels, including a level made by @eried, a level editor, and online level sharing. :slight_smile:


COOL! I just released this for Android and iOS!



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Just playing it on my iPad mini. Catchy tune. Question how do you move around with the onscreen D-pad off?

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With a gamepad or keyboard! It was for people who want to trace a path with their fingers touching the screen. (People requested it when I would demo the game.) I am actually changing it, tonight, though, to have swiping when it is off or a static d-pad with that toggled on.

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Ahha!! going to look where I stashed my 8-bitdo zero gamepad now :slight_smile:

apparently it doesn't work (controller types letters in editfields, but doesnt work otherwise)
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Clearly I am very late to the game – until I see this I had no idea there is one.

Kudos for the work, but I very dislike the fact that the PC version on Steam is more expensive than the mobile counterpart.


Congrats @crait Circuit Dude stands as an awesome example of how you can use the Arduboy to create a concept and a following to expand into other platforms!

Just a heads up to others in the community @crait has discussed with me and has permission to advertise on the site prior to this original post.


So sorry about that! I’m considering price adjustments, but, as part of the Steam sale, it’s actually halfprice, right now!



I try to make the sales frequent!

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing out that it was featured as Game of the Day! Apple asked me for artwork months and months ago, but never told me which day would actually feature it, so I woke up without even knowing!

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Thanks, dude! I totally agree! How cool would it be to see someone learn to code from the Arduboy and then make their own game on another system like the iPhone or PS5 or something!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: