Circuit Dude For PC Released On Steam!

(Holmes) #1

Hey, guys! I just wanted make a post about Circuit Dude being released for the PC! The original version was released on November 17th, 2016 for the Arduboy. It’s now August 3rd, 2017 and I have released a PC version that you can download from Steam!

The Arduboy version had 50 levels and has amassed over 1,000 downloads in its release thread, alone! (Not included Arduboy Manager and direct downloads!) It got a lot of love and even is rated the community’s favorite Arduboy game out of 100+ games! I couldn’t believe it! I was floored! I want to make sure to thank everyone in the Arduboy community that has helped me reach where I am, now. If I hadn’t received such overwhelming feedback, I wouldn’t have taken the next step to fleshing Circuit Dude to being the awesome game it is, today!

Speaking of its current state, I decided to revamp many of those levels, and include 50 new ones and introduce some extra cool mechanics like teleportation pads, push blocks, trap doors, and conveyor belt buttons. I also gave Circuit Dude a complete redesign, along with some color, got him some fresh sprites, and awesome tunes!

What’s in the future for Circuit Dude? Well, I’m going to be update the game with a free level editor in the very near future. (It’s practically finished!) I’m also going to be headed off to some expos to show him off. In fact, I’ve already rented a booth for an expo this weekend!

Not only that, but I’ll be porting Circuit Dude to macOS, Linux, iOS devices, and Android so Circuit Dude can end up back on a mobile platform, where he was born. :heart:

Arduboy version:

Let me know if you liked the game or not! I’d love any kind of feedback! :heart: :robot: :zap:

Circuit Dude [2.1] - Awesome Puzzle Game With 50 Levels!
(Cody) #2

In all seriousness i really like this game. Though I forgot what he was building😕


Man, congratulations! It’s great to see the little dude reach a bigger audience. All the best to both of you :slight_smile:

(Cody) #4

Is there a demo or half price code?

(Pharap) #5

There’s the Arduboy version, but otherwise no demo.

There was a discount for the first few days, but that’s expired so you’ll either have to pay the full price or wait until it goes on sale again, which could be quite some time.

(Cody) #6

Is he building something diferent in the PC?

(Holmes) #7

There’s a lot more pictures and a better explanation in the PC version, but the general story is the same.

I really don’t have a the resources or time to dedicate to making a demo of the game, but a lot of the gameplay is the same or similar to the Arduboy version, so if you like that version, you’ll definitely like the PC one! :smiley: