Circuit Dude FX Development (Looking for suggestions)

I am updating Circuit Dude to 3.1 to include importing and exporting level data to the PC through USB. But, for the FX version, I am trying to come up with more features and changes.

I would surely have enough space for more levels, but I do not think I can invest the time to come up with more levels because good level designs are actually pretty time-consuming.

However, @Mr.Blinky did tell me that there is a way I can have user-made levels saved to the chip, so it can have way more custom levels on the device.

I think I also want to include a few more bitmaps for the title screen and ending of the game.

Okay, but, besides that, does anyone have any suggestions for ways to enhance Circuit Dude for the Arduboy FX?

Lol for the longest time people wanted more memory, then there is more memory and people are like “what to do with it?”.

I think this reinforces the comment a lot of people have made that the limited space of the Arduboy allows them to actually finish the project. That once you start budgeting time to fill external resources the time and difficulty really can bloom out of control.

If you want to do more than a bitmap, doing a full motion video has nearly the same code space cost as just displaying one image. You could also do music.

It would be cool if circuit dude had an intro video and then a final FMV would be dope too because it has such a “dramatic” ending.

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I agree that sometimes less is more, but this game was created and finished within the constraints of the original unit, so anything else would be additions. A game from scratch has a lot more potential to use the extra space, I think.

Hmm, I was going to have an animated logo to match the logo in the full game, too.

I don’t think the problem is “what to do with it?” per se,
it’s more that people are still uncertain of the details of how it works and how to use it.

If the memory were on-board then people would be writing programs as normal and making them larger,
but with it being external, requiring a new API and requiring custom data uploading,
people are still struggling to get used to how to use it I find.

That’s exactly the situation he is describing, he doesn’t really know what to do with more of the space because he already did a good job compressing everything into the original game.

I could write an version of circuit dude tomorrow that has a FMV intro screen and I can barely code my way out of a wet paper for loop, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

It could be a bit more clear for the beginner, sure, but all of the steps are in the live stream and bouncing ball demo.