City Life [V1.1]

arduboy_City_Life.ino-arduboy.hex (46.4 KB)

City Life is a game where you can do anything from real estate to working at a fast food chain to listening to music on your phone. The main objective is to try and get as much money as possible. This is only my second game, so I apologize if it isn’t very fun.

Sound can be toggled in the options section, and you can save in the options section as well.

Work: In the work section, your job is at a fast food chain. At the bottom, you can see what the customer orders, however, just as a real employee, you must learn which order is which food. To select food, use the movement keys to move the cursor, hover the cursor over a food item and press A, if you selected the right order, you will gain $50. Order numbers shown below in spoilers, click at own risk:

1: chicken wing, 2: pizza, 3: fries, 4: soda, 5: milk, 6: juice, 7: donut, 8: burger, 9: hotdog

B to exit.

Buy: In the buy section, you can buy lottery tickets using A. Using B, you will use one of your tickets, you have a 1/25 chance of winning the lottery, and gaining $10000. Up + down to exit.

Phone: Press A to play track A. Press B to play track B. Up + down to exit.

Next: Go to the next menu.

Dice: This section is sort of like gambling. You have a 2/6 chance doubling your money. If you roll anything below 5, your money will be divided by 2. If you a 5 or 6, your money will be multiplied by 2. You must have minimum $100. Up + down to exit.

Bank: If you don’t want to potentially waste all your money when gambling, you can store money in the bank with A, and retrieve money with B. Up + down to exit.

Properties: In this section, you can purchase 174 Wallyflair Avenue, for a price of $80,000, by pressing A. Once bought, you automatically sell it for rent, and you gain $100 every 3 seconds. B to exit.

Note: Now version 1.1 with fixed EEPROM thanks to @filmote.

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Should the money go up even when you are not doing anything … and even before you start the game?

Oh, I see … I already have a property!

I have created a simple PR against your repository to fix this issue. You can accept it or ignore, its up to you :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I merged your pull request, I’m pretty new to Github and it was the only button I could see so I apologize if I had to press something else.

You did it right.

However you may need to replace the game in this this thread.

I also wasn’t sure what your starting balance should be - I think I made it $100.

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Done! The hex file is the updated version :slightly_smiling_face: