Classical breakout!

There are more than one breakout there on this forum. There’s a horizontal screen, a vertical screen, and there are others.
But, none was of the first classical looks.
First part of “THE LONG AWAITED BACKUP” release:

I ain’t lying. I had done RESEARCH on how this thing should behave.
Now try that out, would you?


Nice version!

A couple of things - the pause screen doesn’t work properly as it resets the game. Also, the score is over the sound icon.

Actually, the thing is:
When you pause A_BUTTON in game, it gets you to PAUSE.
But then you have to press B_BUTTON to go back to game!!!
But if you are used to press A_BUTTON, you can changed that, I suppose.
state for pause screen is 4.

That is what that will happen when you just paste some code straight from another program…
Oh that? I changed the location of the score …

Erm, sure.
So @filmote (probably very angry as he destroyed his high score) said that we should have B A_BUTTON to go back to the game when in pause screen. What do you say?


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I didn’t know I can vote myself!
Well, I am certainly on the side of B_BUTTON (since the code have MY name on it)