Clone of Arduboy XL already?!?!

I was on facebook when I was served with an ad for this arduboy clone:

Looks like cloners have now adopted Blinky’s flash bootloader modchip (with modified main screen graphics of course but still undoubtedly the same one we are all familiar with) and even adopted the XL moniker.

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Looks like it’s been around for a little while. No problem with clones since I’ve even made my own but TBH I was a little peeved when I saw how they “borrowed” Mr.Blinky’s work on the loader without even a mention and changed the title screen as if it were their own.

Most of my stuff is CC0 so technically they don’t have to. But I do get mentioned a couple of times in the make guide.

I know they don’t have to technically give credit but I consider not doing so on their sales page despite marketing it in a way that looks like it’s their invention a pretty rude thing to do. But I guess what is legal and what is moral sometimes tends to be very different.