[Closed] [Game Jam 5] Pixel Art Title Screen Review for Game "Li'l Beluga"

Edit: Closing this post since I kinda think I should struggle a bit and really make a game stylistically myself first and then get feedback afterwards. Getting feedback every step of the way seems a little iffy to me. Personal decision.


Any improvements with this title screen? The little whale not apart of the text might be my sprite which moves around the playing field.

  1. Does the title “Li’l Beluga” text look detailed enough?

  2. Does the whale’s sprite demensions, not within the title, allow for enough space for emotions such as happiness or content?

I am not super great at etiquette for images so if there are questions or requests to better help you help me I’ll see what I can do within GIMP.

  1. yes

  2. Not sure without seeing those emotions as icons :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll work on it!

To be honest I almost wish I didn’t post this since I should struggle a little myself. Just wanna have the best game for the jam.

General rule I kinda have when making pixel art is, can I still tell what it is when squinting and pretending I’m someone else who doesn’t already know what it is? If you feel the answer is more yes than no, you’re probably doing a good job.


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I’m not really an artist, but sometimes an eye is all you need: