Clouduboy, an online Arduboy IDE/game editor

Hi everyone! Some of you might have heard of Clouduboy before - I’m proud to announce that the project is now in limited beta release! To help you get an idea about what Clouduboy tries to achieve, here is a short video:

With Clouduboy, you can create and edit Arduboy games without ever needing to touch the Arduino IDE, it’s a complete and self-contained online, browser-based solution. You open a browser, edit your game source code in there and your Arduboy sketches are compiled in the cloud.

You will still need some way to flash your games to the device - you can do this automatically, by using the Clouduboy Flasher, or download the compiled hex and flash it via any other means (command line tools or the Arduino IDE).

Though, all the above may sound nice and convenient, that’s not really the main goal of Clouduboy — but to actually make creating games easier. For that Clouduboy offers a few extra “code plugin”-s (one of them, Painter – which is the sprite editor you can see in the linked video – is already available in the Beta). That means, Clouduboy actively helps you with the code, such as making it easier to edit sprites, create or play back music etc…
There are also some games bundled in the Beta, from around the forums, so you can flash them easily, and also learn from their code, even modify them pretty easily!

Clouduboy currently is in a limited beta release at - if you would like to give it a try, feel free to get in touch via the Clouduboy twitter. The whole thing is also open source — there is a lot to be done still, but if you wanted to have a look, the code is up on GitHub.

Let me know what you think below in the comments!


movie 0:12

PROGRAM const unsigned char dino_top[] = { here! };

dot dinosaur image on the screen(code editer).
its directly. awesome.

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Good news to the folks who have already got their Arduboys:

With the most recent update I’ve added the ability to choose between production/devkit flavours of the Arduboy library, so now owners of both the DevKit or a production Arduboy should be able try Clouduboy. Enjoy! :wink:


This is fantastic! Can’t wait for my arduboy to arrive. I could get into this for sure!

can’t wait, this looks great. i even donated to you, keep up the good work!


Thank you very much for the support!
Let me know when your Arduboy arrives and I’ll hook you up with a beta on key!

awesome, thanks! will do!

Hello just commenting on this topic to bring it up again. I’m gonna start looking at this and seeing if we can implement this quickly!

Since codebender is going away, this would be a great solution for online development.

Let’s get some beta keys yeah? :slight_smile:


Me wantsa key too ! :slight_smile:

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Looks like there is an emulator in the works :open_mouth:


Not exactly, it actually works the other way around. The game itself is written in JavaScript, and is compiled into binary code that runs on the Arduboy. :slight_smile:


@flaki Have you thought on using Electron to turn it into a desktop app?

From what I’ve read the flasher is built as an electron app.

Current version is a bit of both. It doesn’t really matter where you run the UI (the IDE) from, it works fine in a webpage or in an Electron window, you get the flashing ability via node.js/electron for free in the electron app or via the Clouduboy Flasher when using the webpage.
The problem is the compilation environment (the one that turns C code into a flashable HEX) - even if you are using an Electron app you need that happen in the cloud as installing it locally is pretty tedious and error-prone, Clouduboy/the Flasher is built to be as frictionless of an experience as it could be.

It would be great to explore a more streamlined, compact/self-contained compiler experience to avoid using the online compiler service, but currently that isn’t really a priority :slight_smile:

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Phew! This topic has been dormant for quite some time, eh? :blush:

Well, dunno’ if there’s still anyone interested but there are big things coming next week — watch out for the announcements at JSConf Asia and follow the news on twitter.

For a little teaser, here’s a picture (as it appeared in the Arduboy Magazine) of me & @Celinebins in Singapore at one of the latest Clouduboy workshops, with Thomas Gorissen, main organizer of JSConf Asia working on his first-ever Clouduboy game. And it’s a game you can try yourself!

Picross is now available (among other games, such as the extended version of the Dino Run game) at the MicroCanvas Demo Page here (check out the examples!). The games are playable in any browser and are compiled for the Arduboy with Clouduboy’s experimental compiler, you will find the HEXes on this link as well.

So that’s it for now, but get ready for some exciting announcements coming up really soon. :wink:


Wow! Two of my favorite things: Arduboys and stickers (for the laptop)!!! Awesome, looking forward to the news!

Oh no, we are all very interested! Threads have a tenancy to to get burried when the community activity ramps up. Looking at having a curated promoted thread page on the website or something like that.

Very excited to see this!