Coder's Toolbox [Game Jam 4]

BTW, I didn’t upload the hex, I compiled the source code in my (old) Macbook with OS X El Capitan. Maybe the binary is different…

I am using Arduino 1.8.10 … not sure about you. However, this is a really simple sketch which doesn’t do anything abnormal so I find it strange that you are having issues with an earlier version.

I’m also using the latest Arduino IDE in OS X. It’s weird in fact… I’ll try to upload the hex later and I’ll also try to use the Windows Arduino IDE to see if there’s a bug somewhere.

@filmote Just as a heads up,
you might want to move the files around into a separate folder to pre-empt the -master issue.

I’ve just tried to upload the hex file and the app is stable. Something is wrong with the compilation on OS X…

I use a Mac as well. If you had said the mac was running Catalina I might have wondered it that was the issue. I think it is more likely to be some issue with the Arduino version you have.

Very strange.

Thanks for reminding me. As you know, I use VSCode so it is not an issue I think about regularly.



The music maker for this is so awesome since I use a Mac and can’t use the converter thing for BeepBox. Now I can make some tunes that will work!

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I use midi2Tones on my Mac … you just have to compile it!

What?! How do you compile it?

I noticed a small bug with the music editor - if you make a tune with some rests and then change the range it turns all the rests into notes.

Ahhh … thank you. I shall fix it over the immediately and repost.

Thanks … I have fixed that now!

Nice! Thanks.

So how do you use midi2tones to compile on your mac? I thought it was a Windows only thing since all I could find was a .exe.

To compile midi2Tones on a Mac

Download the code from here >
Open a Terminal window and navigate to the download directory.
Compile the program using the command:

gcc midi2tones.c -o midiConverter

Then copy your midi file into the same directory.
Run the command:

./midiConverter -o2 sample

Where sample is you midi filename without the file extension.

If you happen to get the error 'Invalid Active Developer Path', then follow the instructions here.
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A confession:

I have ‘borrowed’ some code from another Game Jam entry (Arduboy Sprite Editor (ASE)) and now we can import images from Serial. I don’t feel so bad as I did contribute a minor function to that code base.

I will release this version of the program after the Game Jam is complete, not beforehand.


Glad to help!


Don’t tell @MLXXXp but I hacked his ArduboyTones library :upside_down_face:


You can do whatever you want with ArduboyTones as long as you honour the terms of its (MIT) licence agreement. :slight_smile:


I created this … can you guess what it is?

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I didn’t try to put it in the app, but could almost be that star war tune.