Coder's Toolbox [Game Jam 4]

I’ve just tried to upload the hex file and the app is stable. Something is wrong with the compilation on OS X…

I use a Mac as well. If you had said the mac was running Catalina I might have wondered it that was the issue. I think it is more likely to be some issue with the Arduino version you have.

Very strange.

Thanks for reminding me. As you know, I use VSCode so it is not an issue I think about regularly.



The music maker for this is so awesome since I use a Mac and can’t use the converter thing for BeepBox. Now I can make some tunes that will work!

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I use midi2Tones on my Mac … you just have to compile it!

What?! How do you compile it?

I noticed a small bug with the music editor - if you make a tune with some rests and then change the range it turns all the rests into notes.

Ahhh … thank you. I shall fix it over the immediately and repost.

Thanks … I have fixed that now!

Nice! Thanks.

So how do you use midi2tones to compile on your mac? I thought it was a Windows only thing since all I could find was a .exe.

To compile midi2Tones on a Mac

Download the code from here >
Open a Terminal window and navigate to the download directory.
Compile the program using the command:

gcc midi2tones.c -o midiConverter

Then copy your midi file into the same directory.
Run the command:

./midiConverter -o2 sample

Where sample is you midi filename without the file extension.

If you happen to get the error 'Invalid Active Developer Path', then follow the instructions here.
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A confession:

I have ‘borrowed’ some code from another Game Jam entry (Arduboy Sprite Editor (ASE)) and now we can import images from Serial. I don’t feel so bad as I did contribute a minor function to that code base.

I will release this version of the program after the Game Jam is complete, not beforehand.


Glad to help!


Don’t tell @MLXXXp but I hacked his ArduboyTones library :upside_down_face:


You can do whatever you want with ArduboyTones as long as you honour the terms of its (MIT) licence agreement. :slight_smile:


I created this … can you guess what it is?

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I didn’t try to put it in the app, but could almost be that star war tune.


And the prize goes to … @vampirics !

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Wow! Amazing!

I would love to see (well hear actually) what others have composed.

Could almost make a Coder’s ToolBox music creation Jam. The winner would have his original music featured in the next Press Play On Tape game. :stuck_out_tongue: