Coder's Toolbox [Game Jam 4]

I’m in! Count on me!


Another song, this one isn’t well-known unless you live down under.

Bloody legend mate! Had to quickly stand up out of my chair when I heard the tune in my head… :sweat_smile:


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At a guess:


(It’s either that or Men at Work’s “Down Under” :P.)

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Definitely not Men at Work!

Something for you @pharap >

Is it just you and me or are there other Aussies here?

I didn’t even know they existed until I went searching for that answer.
Kind of daft, but also amusing.

Off the top of my head there’s also @Cody17,
but he hasn’t been around in months.

A little bit of digging reveales that @Bergasms was too,
but they haven’t been around for a year.
I also found two others, but then you’re getting into 2+ years since the last visit.

There’s probably others that haven’t mentioned it,
and some you could find if you’re willing to do cross-site profile sniffing,
but I don’t have that kind of time right now.

(Also, congratulations for being the person who has mentioned Australia more times than anyone else on the forum. Have a list. :P)

If I don’t mention Australia, then who will? From what you just mentioned, only @uXe.

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I just had a pull request accepted for this! I tried Coder’s Toolbox out yesterday and found that the serial export for images wasn’t working correctly if you had multiple images. It would just repeat the current image instead of outputting all of them. It was an easy bug to isolate, and @filmote was kind enough to accept my change.

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Just make sure the first image is the one you really want?

Kind enough? Man you saved me the embarrassment of someone saying my code is sh*t!

Thanks for pointing it out!


I am putting this to so much use that I am buying another Arduboy on payday for the purpose of just having this utility on it, maybe even a second one. I was able to get a bunch of sprite work on character designs during my bus ride to work today (hour and a half ride). It was so much better than toting the Surface tablet about.

I have a question. Is the 8 sprite limit for saving to the EEPROM hard coded into the software or is it a limitation of the hardware. The reason I am asking is because I am wondering if the FX upgrade for the Arduboy will allow me to have a program like this installed with the ability to save more sprites.

Truly, thank you. This is my go-to way of doing sprites going forward. It’s like a little pixelated notebook having this on such a small device.

EDIT: I don’t know a lot about the FX mod at this time other than what I see in front of my face on the website. My question may appear daft in hindsight once I have a chance to read what it actually does.

Thanks for the great comments.

They eight sprites limit is an arbitrary one I put in the code. The EEPROM is about 1kb in size and I think I allowed 8 x 16 x 2 = 256kb of memory for sprites and the remainder for music. It could easily be changed if you are not using the sound facility.

The FX chip will not automatically give you extra space as the code is not written to support it. Again it could be changed but not easily!

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Those are interesting details and I appreciate the reply. I tried to do more research on the FX chip. I didn’t find much information, but I was able to gleam some details by taking the context of the information shared and doing some guess work.

I understand the file size limit for Arduboy games currently is 32kb. Considering it is claiming to be able to store 250 games or more, I am assuming the upgrade increases the storage to 8mb. I just don’t know if I am not looking hard enough or if there’s not much information on it yet, but I am not finding information on whether that means an increase in the size of the EEPROM. I would have to assume so in order to store the save data of all those games (for the ones that support it).

Now, considering this is all open source I could hypothetically take your program and expand it into an FX version as previously mentioned with more slots to save sprites. I am not claiming to have the talent or abilities at this time to do that sort of thing. I’m just making sure I understand. I could essentially grab any of these games and do some next level ROM hacking per say since there’s access to the source code (obviously barring any unethical use of this code).

Absolutely, you can hack the code as (most) Arduboy programs have open licences.

With regards to the FX, it is not additional EEPROM but a different type of flash memory that can be accessed or written to in blocks (I forget the page size but its rather big). Its not anywhere near as simple as writing to the EEPROM though.

I guess without the FX, you could convert my program to allow 31 sprites (there are a number of reserved bytes at teh start of the EEPROM which you cannot use) and ditch the music mode.

I could see both the art mode and music mode being spun off into their own application.

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I guess its not really a toolbox then. It is just a graphic tool and a music tool.

In it’s current form, it is a toolbox. I am really impressed with how useful these programs are to me. I am spending more time on the sprite art because that is where I am at in my own development process. I know I will be using the music mode in a few weeks. If I get any form of good at programming, I may spin this toolbox off into two separate programs so each one can be used to its fullest potential - unless you beat me to the punch. Seriously though. I am using this Toolbox every other day. Once I get a second Arduboy, I will have it “permanently” flashed onto one of the Arduboy systems so I don’t have to constantly swap it out with a game I want to play. I really am getting a lot of use out of this.

I replied, but I don’t think I tagged you correctly. Please see the previous post.

I think you might have outdid yourself without realizing it. This is great, especially for someone who spends most of his life at work and on the bus. You’ve made it easy for me to progress on my goals. I want to see these as separate apps because I like this Toolbox that much.

As I am the author of this thread, I am automatically notified of any updates!

I are not planning on splitting this program. If you want help in creating two separate programs, I can help you if you get stuck.

I may just do that. No promises right now. Just speaking hypothetically. I see this as something I may do 6-9 months down the road based on my current plans.

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