Coins vs Rulers for scaling (Migrated)

I have been to Windsor, Johor, LA and recently Denmark Lego Lands … they all look the same.


I mean, I didn’t go in but I’ve been to that mall. Who goes to JB? Small world.

EDIT: How do we measure the size of the world? I did some analysis I think we have a problem:

I’m not convinced with the Lego my figure is too large to measure a flash cart

M10 nut for scale?

And then the penny dropped why not use coin cells and other batteries for scale.

Although most bank cards use ISO standards so a credit card is perfect for Arduboy.

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That’s not a minifig I don’t even know what that is.

You’re right I think they call them micro figures it’s from one of the Lego games.

They also do tiny nano figures and I believe there’s also now shorter legs for minifigs since they broke into the movie stuff so take care when measuring with hobbits or ewoks.

Found this for reference

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New business idea: sell a set of coins from around the world but only the common ones people use for scale like quarter, euro, renminbi…

UPDATE: I just realized this is obviously an opportunity for a computer vision ai. You could show it pictures of something with the currency and it would calculate its dimensions based off the arbitrary scale. Because for a computer anything is as arbitrary as a ruler, imperial, metric or otherwise.



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I’m adding “make a PR to add a ruler object to KiCad” to my todo list.

Here’s a first:

I’d still rather have a ruler though.


I’ve seen coins and I’ve seen Lego. How about Lego coins:


@Pharap We might as well use coin cell batteries! Although that might not be good because they change size without many visible differences. I agree that using coins in general is dumb but they do have a personal feel (over rulers) if they choose the right currency. :moneybag:

In my dream world we use someone they everyone knows exactly the size of but which is rather small so it doesn’t take up the whole screen like a ruler would. Maybe just annotate the measurements would be best. :straight_ruler:

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Even with the penny (my native currency) I’m not really feeling it.

Using coins just isolates people who aren’t from a country that uses that particular currency.

Very small rulers do exist.

Penny for scale :joy:


Technically those aren’t even the same currency. :P

I pulled that one earlier with 5p and 10p:

I’ve probably got an old penny somewhere.
Maybe I should have slipped in a ha’penny and a thr’penny bit? :P

For many coin cells, the part number specifies it’s size. For instance, the popular CR2032 is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick. You would have to make sure the battery’s part number was visible, though.

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