Collaborative Arduboy Adventure Game

Moving discussion to here from Twitter :slight_smile:

So the idea is as follows. We agree on the format of a save file, eg, what parts of the save file denote game progression, what denote inventory and special items, characters in your party etc. Then each programmer who wants to participate can write a sketch that uses the save file to advance an overarching story. For example, I could write a sketch that has the players set in a medieval fantasy world, and the next person could instead place them in a futuristic sci fi world. The difference would be I would interpret a weapon with ID = 1 as a sword, and the next person would interpret it as a light sabre, or whatever :smiley:

At this stage it is more of an idea, but I’m putting it out there for people to expand. At this stage I imagine it being something like a party based adventure game, where your characters have fixed information like names (for continuity) and fluid information like stats (what represents magical ability in one sketch might represent mechanical prowess in another).

Obviously it would look more consistent if we agree on a game style, but I am not really adverse to people generating a sketch that lets you play a side scroller to improve the stats of a single character, or something like that.

There will need to be some thought about how to handle balancing, because there would be no reason someone couldn’t swap between sketches midway through an adventure. I imagine it will be fairly technically challenging to develop a save format that can be switched in and out without causing inconsistencies, while still fitting in the EEPROM space we have.

Anyway, what thoughts? I suddenly have a lot of ideas, but really would like to hear what everyone else thinks first.


Travelling between sketches could be via a portal to alternate universes :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea you shared here. I’m looking for something collaborative as well since this community is small but is very promising.
In your explanation of your idea you start off with a gesture for peace. In other words, an opportunity for common agreement, but then you fall back on the possible problems which might come forth. a repeating thought comes to mind when i simulate the environment in which this could work.
Cheating is too easy.
Everything in this sort of adventure environment is too easy to be manipulated by the user/gamer of the arduboy. there isn’t any encryption/signing/ online-certifying available to players in order to bind authentic achievements. So all achievements are heresay, which means we are the superusers of our arduboys and here as superusers we boast about our achievements.
The best aspect of the arduboy since of its limited functionality is to pass-the-time. I don’t even need to begin to explain all the reasons why this statement is true because they’ve been said repeatedly already. But superusers passing the time? It best be for self-improvement agendas, because we all know that when one plays a dumb game to pass the time, there are others playing the smart ones to pass their time, and why? to get ahead!
So the best games for arduboy are ones which you feel you’re getting better somehow, someway, because you certainly can’t brag about high scores, or found items (arduboy’s memory is 1/16 the size of pokemon r/b), when you’re the one loading the code onto it yourself. arduboy is meant for portability and single-user self entertainment.
So now here is where I transition.
This is why the best adventure game for arduboy would be a sort of brain game. Because in our journey of bettering ourself, improving our minds and memory is the most valued activity during pass-the-time moments. And with a device so small it means all your pass-times could be beneficial.

I remember playing a Java game on my sony ericsson back in the WAP-website days. It was called BrainChallenge and it was pretty much teaching me how to read upside down. work on reflexes, do math real fast. i think one brain game i really liked from another time was distinguishing between vowels and consonants, even and odds in order to build multitasking speed.
Brain games are REAL. like tetris real. A small, programmable device like the arduboy is perfect for this.sideways tetris should be already available right?
And the community for feedback is completely ripe for this sort of thing too, because who doesn’t want to get smarter?

update (20180419): I went ahead and made a braingame with the vowel, consonants, etc here it is

I also like the idea. I won’t be able to contribute much, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on this project as it comes along. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I can contribute more when it gets closer to being done.


And yet pretty much nobody here bothers to cheat.
It’s an honour system, but so far it works.

Sure, anyone could just hack the EEPROM and say “oh look I maxed out the score”,
but what would be the point?
There’s no fun in just hacking the score.

Really anyone who decides to cheat is only cheating themselves out of a sense of acomplishment.


i think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t insinuating that we would or even will cheat. I was merely stating the possibility as a means to show for the community’s present maturity. Its because you can cheat and not doing it that changes the angle. it makes a gaming community very different than the others.

Interesting thread - however, unless I misunderstand, these games are being shared as Open Source. Thus, modifying the source code to customize the game play to the users liking would be encouraged and not considered “cheating” per se. The risks could be someone takes some code and publishes it as their own, which would not be consistant with the licence it was published under. But with proper credit given would be acceptable. I think Arduboy is an unique combination of Open Source community and gaming culture.