Color OLED library and hardware development

Hi guys

The screen res is awesome for this product compared to other products in the same category. I can do a lot great graphics and build a some really nice games.

But I’ve been playing around with a DIY version to which I will create a thread for so any one can build one that has the same resolution but in 256k colors.

A problem lies there in, to use color you need more memory, so I thought a teensy 3.2 which has 256k memory will do the job plus it’s 32-bit.

Come on just imagine for a second what you could do with that much processing.

All right so a company just flooded the market with these 1.8 inch OLED’s that are really cheap so they would make an awesome addition to any DIY’ers.

Would any body be interested in helping me develop a library so we can outfit these lil gems?

My preference is to base the next Arduboy on the Arduino Zero instead of a teensy.

Yes color wanted pronto please

And maybe look at micro chip

How’s the support here? I’m in the middle of creating the color library but I need some help with a tilemap function and some other things. But it’s slow going on arduino from lack of interest and lack of knowledge in what I’m trying to do.

My guess is support will be pretty low until the hardware for the next Arduboy is finalized. It might have color, but it might only include grays. I don’t have the hardware know how to build my own prototype, but if I did I would want it to be directly compatible with the new Arduboy.

How do I support? I would love to help

Well i have a partial library that im having trouble with and part of the trouble is with a tilemap and collision engine that make things easier and cheaper on ram but i need experienced coders to walk me through the conversion to arduboy

But my plans are to update the library as a whole and not just the color part. Z

Search up (Pi raspberry,micro chip,arduino) they should help and also (HACKADAY) search game girl they could help. Sorry I’m just not that good at coding

Easy to do, check this out:


Problem is takes at least 3x more power and there isn’t enough memory for a frame buffer and the SPI is so slow it takes a second or two to refresh the screen…

Been working for a while on this. My last obstacle are those darn drawbitmap commands.