Community poll: how should the Arduboy's A and B buttons be arranged?

Poll here!

I wanted to make this poll to see what people in the community think about this. Keep in mind that the creators of the Arduboy are under no compulsion to make any changes based on community opinion in this matter. I just thought that it might be beneficial to see what people prefer.

Currently, the Arduboy’s A and B buttons are set up like this:

This is reversed from the way the Game Boy and all of Nintendo’s gaming systems do it:

However, the Arduboy doesn’t have to do things a certain way just because that’s the way it’s always been done, or because Nintendo did it that way. It might be better to be different just to set it apart. And A -> B is also how the XBox controller is laid out:

What does the community think? Which way would you prefer the buttons to be oriented?

Again, the poll is located here.

Some historical context:

I think this should be driven by the ergonomics of the small form factor. If the ‘A’ button is more commonly used, it’s comfortable to use the left button (the right is too close to the edge).

Either way, it seriously needs to be printed to avoid confusion.

A -> B from left -> right. :slight_smile:

Or a tiny little manual could explain it to new users. :smile:

true, but if its the opposite to what im personally used to, ill constantly be making mistakes trying to get used to it.

What we name thing doesn’t dictate how app designers use them, it’s just naming.

I think left should be A and right should be B. I know it’s the inverse of nintendo but I don’t think we should follow them purely for nostalgic reasons.

At least for me with gaming the set of buttons closest to the d-pad tend to be the most comfortable for me and what I default to when given a choice.

I also considered a hardware setting to swap buttons, so users could even decide how their games functioned.

I actually totally disagree, to me this system is all about nostalgia. The reason i backed it in the first place was because I it immediately connected to my happy OGB memories. And lets face it, the arduboy purposely looks like the your favorite brick sized handheld system.
Either way, labeling the buttons does not determine which button the programmer uses as jump/fire. It just clarifies that “this one is A and this one is B”

I was careful to try not to influence the way people would vote on the poll in the original post, but personally I am strongly in favor of B left, A right. I’m used to games like Mario where B is run and A is jump…it’d feel weird to tell people to hold A to run and press B to jump! And it won’t quite feel the same with my thumb the other way around, if A is on the left and is jump. Just my preference.

Maybe we should be totally different and label them L for Left and R for Right.

Could be confused with Dpad then as mentioned above. :smile:

But guys, i don’t see the problem; when you program you just call the button “A” button “B” and vice versa. I think that bateske and his team have more bigger problem than this.

I matters for in game instructions and consistency across the platform.

Maybe just label them with different shapes, such as a square and a triangle. The shapes of the buttons themselves could even be changed, if the final molds haven’t been made.

The buttons are going to be labeled in the actual release. It makes no sense if the buttons say A and B on them and in your program you refer to them as B and A respectively.

also, it’s mildly funny how hotly debated this subject is.

Lets ask the buttons what they want to name themselves. Maybe they should be called Apple and Banana?

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Calling one of them Apple is just asking for a cease and desist order :wink: