[Community Question] Whats your programming environment? #coding #work #flow #area #setup #config

I’m working on a project again and it got me thinking, does everyone use the Arduino IDE or is there a better setup? Are there other coding softwares which upload directly to the Arduino platform?
One feature I’ve been thinking a lot of is the option to have multiple independent view boxes for the same page of script. Does anyone know if this feature exists and if it could work with Arduino?
Thanks in advance.

Related (though possibly out of date)

I still use Notepad++ and just compile with the IDE.

I did install VS Code, but I just haven’t bothered to do anything with it since I installed :P.

By the way, I’ve never seen anyone attempt to put ‘hash tags’ in the title of a post :P


I use VSCode personally. The Arduino IDE is very capable but IMO horrible to use.

VSCode has all of the features you ask for and more.

I test using the sim-avr project by @dxb. It allows you to test multiple iterations quickly however it dos not do sound or EEPROM.


oh wow i wish i knew about that link. I’ve requested to close the topic.

thank you, I’m downloading it after I post this.

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