Completely frank, gonna be honest about this community

That’s it. I’ve decided. I have a lot of things to express and I’m going to express it here.
I’ve been around the Arduboy forums since March 22nd and I am absolutely blown away by this community and their dedicated leaders. I’m VERY blown away.
With this crazy world, this forum and arduboy has become the favorite relaxing pass-time of mine. to think that now I can create my own program and have it in my wallet, just leaves me in awe.
There’s so many things I love about the arduboy and I’m going to list my top 3.

  1. I have full control of my arduboy.
    This is the true freedom. I can know its every bit of code, and I can do whatever I want with it. So many devices these days are still under the control of their maker. And often its very hard to separate utility from alerts/notifications. Here the moment I purchased it, full “admin” privileges are transferred to me. Suddenly new waves of creativity hits me.
  2. It’s so portable.
    Like. I don’t have to worry about not having the space to bring it along. I can literally grab my phone and my wallet, and my arduboy is already with me. I really hope arduboy doesn’t get bigger. I think for how small it is, is what makes the price worth it. Sure you can get a $40 amazon tablet, but will it fit in your wallet? will you have root access?
  3. The screen is easy on the eyes.
    I know I’m gonna spend a lot of time with a device that I have full control of. Because its kinda like flying. If you could fly tomorrow wouldn’t you spend all the moments exploring that ability? I really like OLED technology because it allows me to choose. how much electricity i use for whatever I’m trying to accomplish. At night. in the darkest room, the arduboy screen has such a fresh white pallet. its like every tiny pixel is a little angel and get to choose how many get turned on. So easy on the eyes. Yes, even at night in a pitch black room.

Okay I’m done praising the arduboy, now I’m gonna get very serious.

This community’s kindness makes me cry.

Seriously. I don’t think I’ve met a group of programmers more caring than the ones I’ve met and read about here. I feel so ashamed asking for help mostly because its… free. and I don’t want to ever take such hospitality for granted. I actually :pray: and hope that the people of this community have a wonderful, loving, happy, healthy life. It is deserved.

Now a little about me…? I’ve only known c++ since the beginning of this month. I really thought that with the arduboy I purchased I would just play people’s games and be done with it, but in my heart I was very opened to progressing beyond that and I felt a light but firm nudge from the arduboy’s marketing that there would be open arms of support and help. And its so true, and with this sort of encouragement, I jumped into c++. And its such a great feeling knowing that I’m now bettering myself through the software I now have on it.

So now I ask whoever stops by honestly what is too much? What is too much asking for help? Is it rude for someone to want to donate and support?. I won a small lottery and I don’t have any wife and kids but I have you guys, and you guys are teaching me. teaching me to become better.
Every year I give to charity, but lately I’ve decided to give charity to people, which is why I have a chunk to spend here. Not to show off, just because I want to give. because y’all are giving me more than I’ve ever really experienced for free its making my head kinda dizzy.

Maybe I’ll put up a couple bounties. I keep saying it and maybe it gets a bit boring but I really feel this can be revolutionary: the arduboy is great for brain games. I feel like I’m gonna try and push that agenda… with bounties. would that offend anyone? is that okay? I start offering bounties for some brain game makes?

Lastly, what do you want from me? I’m starting to pick up the pace with code learning, but I sometimes fear that I’m asking too many questions, that perhaps too often I pull on the curtails of some of the devs here. Am I imagining things? if I really am getting annoying will you let me know? The last thing I want is to upset you guys and gals. Please believe me on this. This is from the bottom of my heart.

I wish this community best hopes and regards and :open_hands: successful new iterations.


Its great you are learning something new … I think its a shame that some people are buying (or being given) an Arduboy and don’t realise the potential of it. There is a member here who had one for a year while travelling around Australia and didn’t know he could ditch Mystic Balloon and play other things. He too is now learning!

Agreed … although my interest is in * educational * puzzle games. Ones that you learn something without it feeling like a chore. There is a separate thread about educational games that miss the mark and don’t capture people’s attention.

As long as you are trying to resolve issues yourself before asking, no one minds helping. I personally have helped people along the way and I feel its payback for all the dumb questions I asked at the start.





So … how good are you now at Mystic Balloon? You must absolutely smash it!


I am ok at it but I die a lot and it came with a old version so i could not save. The first time I got to the end was about 5 months into the trip.


I felt the same way about the forum, which is why I hate not visiting as much as I should. The community is great and there are always people ready to answer questions and give feedback. I have had my Arduboy for well over a year and I am still making games for it because it’s fun. No other reason. :sunglasses: What makes it even more fun is seeing people’s reaction and reception on the forum. I think it would definitely be cool to have more bounties/competitions on the forum for people to participate in to come up with cool stuff for the system and to help drive more traffic so that more people are able to experience this great place.


Am I in time for group hugs? :hugs:


do you mean this one?: [Discuss] Education and Entertainment cannot coexist


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Yep … I really like the idea of educational games but I am really wary of those games that feel a little forced.

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Game jams are great for experimenting!! Don’t like when educational games are a littled forced? Flip that on its head and try to see it from another, more niche perspective! Maybe educational games aren’t fun because they aren’t forced enough!! Yeah, there! I said it! :laughing:

Forced on you? I meant forced as in the ‘play value’ isn’t really there!

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Right … you have forced my hand, I am going to make an educational game for the Jam. Maybe a music related one … Kick out the Jams, The Jam, Jimmy Jam ?


The Arduboy community is the best on the internet, and it’s all of you that help make that possible. Thanks for all the kind words, none of this would be possible without the support of the people that contribute to this forum.

The only reason I continued with this project from the original prototype was because I wanted to try and realize the potential for a device like this to make some kind of small impact and change in the world. I think it’s happening. Keep it up everyone, this praise is for you.


I’ve been here exactly 1 year today with more ups than downs so something’s gone right.