Completely overhauled Arduboy

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Thank you that is just what I needed!

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@SimonMerrett I see your version uses a lcd rather than a oled. I’m thinking of moving to an lcd as well because these 2.42 oled displays are expensive and take a long time to ship. How did you get the arduboy’s libraries to work with the lcd?

@JinxLynx if you read the beginning of my WIP thread, you’ll see that I have no idea how to adapt the libraries to work with the LCD. I asked around and got the sense that there was enough expertise/generosity from the likes of @uXe, @Pharap and @MLXXXp (apologies to others if I have missed anyone else) that if I built the hardware, others would contribute to the software. “If you build it, they will come” isn’t always the best approach but I have a good feeling about this community.

Do you want to use the same LCD? It could certainly save coding effort and perhaps encourage software collaboration from others. I have done a footprint too - you’re welcome to have/use it.

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“with optional touch panel”



@bateske, I haven’t paid it much attention because it’s resistive, I haven’t interfaced with a touch screen before so didn’t want to bite off more than I needed to. Were you thinking menu selection and scrolling, rather than complete game control? I didn’t think it would be a big deal to start with but can see perhaps there are parts of the UX it could improve.

Just thought it was funny, that’s not a lot of space to be touchscreening.

i guess it’s bigger than a smart watch. But that’s why I didn’t like my Apple watch, also because it was heavy and then it died after a year.

@bateske, we’ll leave it for V2. 0 then!

I’ll certainly help if I can, but hardware is still one of my weakpoints.

I can just about make sense of datasheets explaining SPI commands (although 9 times out of 10 I find they’re not explained very well) and I understand logic diagrams but I get lost the moment electricity and physics come into play.

My expertise lies in knowledge of the C++ language itself.
(And a handful of other languages.)

I think it could be handy for some games,
but the issue is that gesture detection code would eat a lot of progmem,
so at best it would probably only add point detection and maybe swipe detection.

The quote from Field of Dreams was actually “If you build it, he will come”.
(There’s a lot of well known quotes that are actually commonly misquoted,
like “Luke, I am your father” - the original was “No, I am your father”.)

I was actually misquoting Wayne’s World 2: “If you book them, they will come”. I’m not so cultured that I’d reference the original!

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In all honestly I haven’t seen either film (Field of Dreams or Wayne’s World),
I just like picking up useless bits of trivia,
like the fact that despite their long necks, giraffes only have 7 vertebrae,
the same number as a human.

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Fun fact, the only mammals which dont have 7 are some sloths and manatees.

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Surely the phrase is “If you build it, …” ?

Evidently I need to clean the fur out of my keyboard again.

Your furry? How man vertebrae does a @Pharap have? :stuck_out_tongue:

A little more on topic has anyone looked at the Sharp Memory LCD’s?

And that question was for the @SimonMerrett’s topic that I thought I was in …:slight_smile:

I don’t own a furry, but I do own a furry creature that thinks my keyboard is suitable for walking on.

(In fairness a portion of it probably is my own hair, I’m not exactly bald either.)

Stay away from my vertebrae collection or else… :P

@SimonMerrett I did find a LCD that looks pretty inexpensive compared to 2.42 OLEDs which is based on the ST7920 chip. Someone did get the arduino to print graphics to it. It’s just a matter of getting the arduboy libraries to play nice with it. Honestly I think we need some help from @Mr.Blinky who has done some awesome things with getting other displays to work with arduboy’s libraries.

Maybe there’s something of interest in these links?

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Speaking of Mr.Blinky does anyone know how to flash his bootloader, Cathy3k onto a 32u4?

Sure you can find info on flashing Bootloaders here
Feel free to make another topic if you need more assistance.


Thank you! @Keyboard_Camper

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