Confused on wiring an spi oled and buzzer

Hey! So recently I’ve bought a new laptop, and wanted to try building a DIY Arduboy. This time I’m using an actual propper release rather than trying to use a Linux one on Linux Beta. I am really confused about wiring the buzzer. Using the @Mr.Blinky 's package, you connect the speaker on two pins, rather than one pin and one one vcc/positive, correct? The buzzer I am using is the one I’ve used before, with one side labeled with a “+” . I am 99% sure it is a piezoelectric one since it is passive and has a circuit board at the bottom, no epoxy or clear gooey substance. Which pins do I wire to which sides on the buzzer? Arduino pin 5 to positive on the buzzer? Or pin 6? Another thing, I am really confused about wiring the OLED. The pins on my OLED are GND, VCC, D0, D1, RES, DC, CS. Keep in mind I am using the custom package. Thanks!

One more thing off-topic, what is the “flash select” in the homemade package?
Also I don’t understand the wiring images from the arduboy production schematics. What is “port”?

It doesn’t matter which pin goes to +. Pasive speakers aren’t polarised. One lead is marked + just so if you have multiple speakers you can keep them in phase.

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D0 is SPI SCK. D1 is SPI MOSI. RES is OLED RST. All the others match.

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Thank you so much Scott! To be clear, arduino pin “1” is TXD, right?

Yes, Arduino pin D1 is TXD or TXO or TX1. Arduino pin D0 it RXD or RXI or RX1.