Connecting serial port problem

I’m having a problem connecting the arduboy both in Linux and Windows 8.1. I’ve tested different cables. The USB cables don’t seem to be charging the device as it doesn’t work if it’s not connected to the laptop via the cable.

I’ve tried resetting it via the reset button, but that does nothing.

Any suggestions how to get this working?


Hey @kabads! I know it seems like a silly question, but did you turn on the unit when plugged in? It doesnt detect the Arduboy if it’s turned off. It happens to me more often then I like to admit actually… :sweat_smile:


Hi @Celinebins - I’ve tried it with the power switch in both positions (I’m not absolutely sure if left is on or off).

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@kabads Did the Arduboy work when it was first shipped to you? If it doesn’t charge that’s a problem on it’s own for sure we will want to help you out.

Can you please contact us at with your information so we can try to help you out?

If it also does not have a data connection in addition to charging it sounds like there is either damage to the usb connector or perhaps the solder has a short circuit on the pins perhaps.

Thanks for letting us know!