Consolized Arduboy with VGA, built in Flashcart, and Wireless Controllers

I can finally achieve the dream of arduboy gaming on the big screen without any controller cables. Made a youtube vid on it here:

Thanks uXe for donating the vga1306 board and all the work you have done for making video output possible as well as Blinky for your work on the flashcart! All I really added was the custom board to make wiring everything up a bit easier for prototyping and adding a bluetooth receiver (with an atmega328p to handle receiving controller commands and pulling buttons) so I could pair with my wireless modded snes controller. I have one more simple change I will probably make, the controller was built for nintendo classic consoles so I added a home button on top that I will probably reuse to trigger the reset button so I never have to get up from the couch to press the reset button to go back to the arduboy flash loader screen.


I had some fun making one awhile ago I like the idea of going wireless with the controller.
This also reminds me I still need to solder the audio jack and flash onto mine.

No amazing PCB skills here, I just wing it with the hot poker in my hand :joy:


Looks awesome and if it works it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished in my book. If you don’t mind me asking what’s the rj45 jack, caps and dip switches on the right hand side do? Controller input of some sort?

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The RJ45 is a controller port for a hacked NES pad. The dip switch allows me to switch Audi on off and between piezo and an audio jack. The caps and resistors are for the audio circuit. Here’s it switching in a tweet

It’s really worth it when you hear how good Arduventure sounds