[CONTEST] Arduboy Minecraft Server

This is NOT the game jam theme, it is a different contest!

So I was browsing the interwebs and came across this nugget:

Someone has got a minecraft server running on the 32u2. It requires developing the full stack, and not arduino so it would be some next level development… but…

It would be pretty cool to run a minecraft server on an Arduboy, connect to it and have the switches and physical buttons interact!

The github is posted here, I wonder if there are more resources online too:

So I thought I would make a contest for this! Make a working minecraft server that can run on the Arduboy and win a Arduboy Mini!!


(╯°-°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Nope.


Dude it’s a 32u2, you’ve got more 1.5 k more ram!

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1.5K more, and no actual internet connectivity hardware.
(And that’s the tip of the iceberg.)

Seems a bit complex for the less experienced programmers here (myself included, of course).


It implements an IP stack over the USB, don’t know if that is exclusive to linux tho.

We offer challenges to all levels, the game jam is coming up soon and anyone can contribute to that. These things some times go for years.

I just feel that the jam theme/objective should be one that’s accessable to even someone that just started programming yesterday. Just my two scents, though.

This not the theme of the game jam! It’s a completely separate contest!

Oh, pardon my confusion. :-p

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No worries, it is confusing, it’s my fault, I just saw this video and had to post it.


Ah… Good luck who tries this… I’ll enjoy from a distance. :P

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