I went to an Arcade this weekend and played Joust! Then I thought what an awesome game this would be for Arduboy! Anyone share this inspiration who is up to the challenge?

CONTEST: Make a game inspired by Joust for the Arduboy!

PRIZE: Win a free Arduboy!


  1. Don’t do any bad things.
  2. The contest will remain open for a while after the first winning submission, and anyone submitting a unique submission before closed is eligible to win.
  3. The contest may be canceled at any time

That is certainly a strange game. I have no idea what is going on.

I guess it’s a bit like a very simple smash brothers? Basically you have to run into an opponent higher than like 50% of the way up their body so your lance strikes the rider and not the bird. Otherwise their lance strikes you instead.

Oh and you are astride ostriches and you flap your wings to fly.

Here is the rule set:


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Ahh that makes it easier to understand. Thanks.


A Joust clone TEAM a.r.g. created before the time of Arduboy, code is MIT so you’re free to learn from it :slight_smile:

Now go !

(we are not entering the contest)

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.


That’s one hell of a bump @JO3RI!

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I could not find the code for arduboy…(only Gamby)
Could you tell me where I can download for arduboy?

This post is for a contest to someone to create the Arduboy version! @JO3RI had just pointed out he made a version for Gamby a long time ago. So, if someone wanted to use that as a starting point it might only take a few hours or less to convert the code!

I love this idea. I cannot see the timeframe though. When is the due date?

Also where abouts can we put WIP’s, under this post? or in development?

The contest is open until it’s closed and someone claims the prize! I think technically the Nyan Cat contest never got fully completed either so it’s kind of still open too!

If you’d like to collaborate, get feedback, or otherwise have a reason to post your own [WIP] I’d suggest doing it over in Demos category. And then you can link to the post from here. Or just post in here.

If you finish the game by all means just post it up to Games category! We are very open minded here!

at the same time the contest isnt to port a team arg game to the arduboy, … personaly i think anyone besides them doing just that ought be disqualified

Well the post has been up for more than a month, we will take any submissions at all! If someone makes a game from scratch and releases it near the same time as someone who ports it we could evaluate that for the winner.


when i finish my current project “conquest” cough cough not risk, i may take a stab at it, im not entierly shure how to do alot of it yet, but i guess thats the fun part, the nyan cat one i would do, but id rather not get sued by the makers as someone in that post mentioned has happend in the past

@bateske does the prize include free shipping?

The prize includes free shipping.

Really I win the contest if I just port the game? I think we’d need to firm up the rules if I was going to put time into this. “The contest will remain open for a while after the first winning submission,” is just a little too vague. Or does everyone win? That’d be ok.

i WANT to try this but i dont want to put a couple weeks into a project just to have someone steal a team arg game and call it thereown, however seeing that its been a month and there seems to be no intrest besides myself… maaaaby

Well I wouldn’t call it my own. I’d just port it to win the prize. :slight_smile:

Is this still a thing?

i dunno i DO need a new arduboy though however id need an arduboy to develop with and mine was in my wallet wich is lost :stuck_out_tongue: