Did anybody take up this challenge?

I must admit, it is a pretty weird game and strange choice for a challenge but curious if anybody tried it?

I started attempting it and then as usual got sidetracked onto a different project.

This is why I’ve never actually made an Arduboy game, I tend to get sidetracked with other projects or pick something difficult (because the easy stuff is ‘too easy’) or I’m too much of a perfectionist and try to make the code professional quality instead of settling for ‘it works’.

i did, i made a few changes the platforms are placed somewhat randomly and varry in size

i inteend to finish the game regardless of wether or not there is still a reward

i havent added the bad guys yet and the riders wings dont flap yet but progress

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What! Have you not played the standup arcade? It’s such a classic and it has aged so well it feels like a current indie retro. There is really no other way to describe it as lit. :fire:

Not as far as I know, although @JO3RI has one made for gamby, it wouldnt take much time in adapting it.

This would also be a great game to try and do the 2 arduboy 1 pc multiplayer…

It would be neat if there were some kind of portable secondary device acting as a server for Arduboys to enable multiplayer functionality.

I would make a prototype but I don’t have any equipment or experience with circuitry beyond soldering, so I drew a mediocre diagram and I’m throwing the idea out there in case anyone else thinks it would be a good solution to the lack of multiplayer capability.

(Similarly I’d give the 2AB1PC thing a go but I don’t know of any good serial libraries. I’ll stick it somewhere in my ever-growing todo pile.)

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@Pharap did you know this already exists ?

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That’s using chrome though, it’s not a separate device.
If you had a separate device doing the processing it would be portable.

Granted you could lug a large laptop around and use the Chrome program, but a custom-made Arduino-board based device with multiple USB ports would be more portable and more interesting.

or a raspberry pi those are small and you can power em with battries


At this point, we are focusing on how to offer direct multiplayer on the next hardware. Right now looking like a link cable of some sort. Possibly using an audio cable.


What about BLE or cheap 433 mhz modules?

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Getting off topic here, suggest moving to one of the many future hardware threads


Either way now that I have my shiny new arduboy work on arduel is my free time top priority

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I would also like to participate. I bought a Gamebuino a while back, but never took the leap to buy an Arduboy. I thought this could be a good opportunity to try to win one!

I read this thread ages ago and wanted to try it, but there wasn’t an Arduboy emulator that I knew of then. I figured it would be harder to start without an easy way to test the game. Now that there is a (quite good) emulator, I figured I would give it a try, and here’s what I have so far! I made these gifs with ProjectABE, but the framerate seems a little faster than it actually runs in the emulator.

I think I still want to revise the platform positions, but the player can flap around the play area!

The AI animations haven’t been added here, but this is the AI jumping around and navigating platforms. It’s really simple, but it has pretty convincing movement.


Whoah @wuuff did youcode this from scratch or did you use anything @JO3RI had built fro the gamby?

p.s. I freaking love this stand up arcade game.


I coded it from scratch. I looked at the gameplay videos of the gamby game for inspiration on how to approach the port, but the code and graphics are mine.

I think I’ll need to redo my enemy or player sprites, though, because the way I drew them they’re too hard to tell apart. @JO3RI did a good job with the art on the gamby game.


Sorry about that, it’s a known issue I haven’t gotten to, yet.

The game looks great, I look forward to playing it! Have you considered making the enemies gray (render only on odd/even frames) so you can tell them apart from the player (or vice versa)?

That’s a good idea, but I thought that the Arduboy screen had a high enough response time that flashing on and off on alternating frames would just make sprites flicker. Does the effect look fine on the hardware?

It’ll flicker a bit, even if the game’s at over 60fps, but I think that’d be better than not being able to tell your avatar from the enemies.

That’s true. I’m just hoping I can manage to make a sprite that’s distinct enough without having to rely on that. Good job on the emulator, by the way. I probably wouldn’t have started this project without it!

Here’s another gif of seven AIs running around like crazy:
The one standing at the bottom left is the player.