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This is so exciting! @wuuff when you are happy with your release and want to submit it for evaluation, be sure to post a separate thread in the games category and link it here.


Sure, I’ll make a new thread when the game’s ready for release. I probably won’t have time to make more progress until next weekend.

In the meantime, is it fine to post progress updates in this thread, or should I just wait to post anything until it’s done?

@Dreamer2345, that’s a nice monochrome version of Joust’s title graphic! Did you make that?

(Thomas) #45

Yea It took me quite a bit though XD


I wanted to give a brief update on the game. I had several weeks I was unable to work on it, so I was only able to make progress on it recently. The basic gameplay is mostly done. I have waves of bird riders spawn, eggs that hatch new bird riders, and egg waves that only spawn eggs. I still need to do scoring, lives, and balancing.

I had a few questions about the game since I’m submitting it for a contest. When I post my game, I was wondering whether I should publish the source immediately or wait until the contest is over. I’m fine publishing the source on release right off if there’s no problems with the contest.

I also was not sure about calling my Joust clone “Arduel,” since it’s more than one-on-one duels. I was thinking of calling it “Joustish” since it’s very much like Joust with enough differences to make it not just a straight port. (I also find the name amusing). I’m not a fantastic artist, though, so I was wondering if anybody else wanted to make a game logo whether it would be allowed for the contest. I was inspired by @Dreamer2345’s reproduction of Joust’s original logo to consider making a nice title screen, but I don’t think I could do it justice.

In the meantime, here’s another couple gifs:


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Haha you can call the game whatever you like :wink:


The game is finally finished enough for me to put it up for evaluation! Here it is:

(Kevin) #49

It is a success! Great game! You have claimed victory over this challenge!

Your reward is a Special Edition Arduventure Arduboy! Congratulations!

Please private message me for more details on how to claim your reward!

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This is a cool idea. Will there be other contests or has there been there one like this?

(Kevin) #51

Yep! Check the category. We did one before to make the original arduboy prototype and there is still one to make a game out of nyan cat!


We also run game jams from time to time, probably one coming very very soon!


Thank you! A special edition Arduboy is more than I could have hoped for!