[CONTEST COMPLETE] Bus Driver Simulator

My suggestion would be to draw a series of lines along that same path, think of it more like a star field simulation. An additive method instead of subtraction. You’ll need to store the location of the dots in an array and then calculate where to start and finish each line draw.

Then a function can advance the array depending on your speed.

I think it would be good to make it draw all of the lines as occasionally broken, to add to the depth feeling on a 1 bit display.

Not to throw a wrench in your works but there is also trees that go by on the side I think?

EDIT: No it’s bushes, there is a spinning air freshener.


and very bad edit of night mode:

RE-EDIT it’s probably better to prioritize the clock display than the door opening handle.

MORE-EDITS: You gotta make it so the player can enter their name :smiley:

I’M NOT YOUR BOSS BUT: Make sure you have a title screen and a victory screen!


what is the deadline?

No real deadline, if there are multiple contestants their submissions will be valid. At some point in the future I’ll close it down but if you want to work in parallel on this then make it into a real competition who can be done first or offer a more creative representation!


@kiwi any update on this? I am keen to see where this is going, bro.


Not much. I changed the dashboard to include the clock and kept the handle.

Things to figure out list:
road broken line - possible make 16 possible skewed animated road line graphics.
scaling side objects - cactus plants useless signs
custom font - for the name, clock, and odometer. I have some idea how to do this.

There is a 3x5 font here > 3x5 Font for those with good eyesight

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You could probably get away with using mipmaps instead of proper scaling.

UPDATE: I road the bus twice in the past week and I did not even have an Arduboy with me. If I had a bus driving game I would tho, and I would take a pic or even a video of it. But I can’t… yet.

P.S. I almost never actually have an Arduboy on me, because I hate having things in my pockets or a Castanza wallet.

And now your mini arcade games seems very cool too… I don’t remember if someone have already hack it to be able to play many games on it but with the games on this little deamon console, this will be a have to have in the pocket stuff…and mainly in a train or a bus…

Did any of this turn out @Kiwi? :slight_smile:

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Been busy with work lately. I will try to work on this soon.


Yo whatup @Kiwi quit your job and work on Arduboy games! :smiley:

Free modded Arduboy. I’ll even have it laser engraved with special bus driver simulator logo on the back if anyone else wants to take a swing at it.


Is this contest still open?

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Yes the contest is open! Someone please finish it!

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Desert_Bus.ino.leonardo.hex (64.1 KB)


nice! someone has to show it in the arduboy to penn & teller

Nice, but is it really done?

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What do you mean?

Edit: I have only tried it on emulator so an acutal hardware test would be great.

Edit 2.0 Just remembered theres no way to turn the music off XD so any feedback would be great

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I was really just asking. What I saw was great for what is is, was just wondering what were the features that was supposed to be in.

I noticed the steering wheel seems to be see-through?

Is the game play supposed to be just keeping the bus driving straight? No idea why the bus would drift right all the time if the road looks to be straight.

Im fixing that now.

If you watch the gameplay footage Penn tells you that the bus drifts to the right.

Edit: Updated version
Desert_Bus.ino.leonardo.hex (66.0 KB)