[CONTEST COMPLETE] Skelly Tech for Arduboy 💀

@filmote won the prize! But the conest remains open for others, if you add an animation to Skelly Tech then you can also win a Free Arduboy or Mod Chip!

I follow Zep from Lexaloffle creator of pico 8 and he tweeted out this gem:

And in seeing how it was implemented made me want to make it into a contest!

A FREE Arduboy or FLASH MOD to anyone who implements something like this for the Arduboy! :slight_smile: :skull_and_crossbones:


I bet this is already done and claimed by the time I try this in the morning :disappointed:


Look! it’s @Pharap doing a victory dance :smiley:

I hope the winner will do some actual sprite animations. Like the original and not a quick and dirty ‘gif’ animation of the original


It has to be this sprite / bone / joint style animation to qualify.

Preferably the each of the different button combinations gives different commands from possibly pre-built poses to a QWOP style way of moving perhaps.


Not quite finished but on the way:



:thinking: button B shoots at the floor? “dance @pharap dance”


I’ll give up now :slight_smile:

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wooow that was fast!!

Here are some suggested modes / animations: Please:

  • Just standing and waving hello
  • Doing the can-can across the screen back and forth
  • Pulling his head off with his arms and juggling it and putting it back on
  • Standing on his head and spinning around!!! breakdance!
  • EXPLODE! Bone jibs go flying with gravity physics.

Fun fact, the name of the music typically played alongside depictions of the cancan is “The Infernal Galop” (le galop infernal), from the overture of Jacques Offenbach’s opera “Orphée aux enfers” (Orpheus in hell(s)).

I’ll just leave this here…

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I knew it! I knew it! I have just one word for it BALL :wink:

Could even make that juggler game and watch game remake but with that skeleton lol

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That’s exaclty what I was hinting at.:smiley:

Yeah oh wow, once he pulls his head off it could be a minigame to juggle his head.

If you complete all of the sub quests I’ll get you an Arduboy Mini!

Double bonus points for music.

Triple points if he gets a top hat and swings a cane for the can-can dance.

Quadruple points if you can have multiple skelly dudes on the screen at the same time!

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Now you’re talking!

I think the way I have done it - with coordinates of each body part and image index - will not scale up that well!

Oh do the animations start to take up a lot of space? If only you had an external memory module to store the animation scripts…

LOL … no its the time that it takes me to calculate the coordinates. Each frame takes 24 bytes so (unfortunately) memory is not the issue.

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So what you need is a tool of somekind? :smiley:


wheres your inverse kinematics at ;D

My inverse kinematics is limited to watching the original skeleton video!

Unfortunately, I think I am that tool :slight_smile:

Common you can do it. At least one of them. Or maybe once you release the code another people can do different animations with it to qualify as well

The gravity exploding shouldn’t be too hard just feed the coords through Pharaps engine :smiley:

I will do the standing and waving bit for you … but I realised while doing it that to replicate the dance using the approach that I had taken would take many, many hours and I simply do not need another Arduboy that much. I will just buy another!