[CONTEST] Make a sh1106 guide with video

If someone can please make a guide to building a DIY arduboy with an SH1106 with a video guide on how to get it up and running with the different library.

I’ll send you a free Arduboy Mini Pink Prototype (or a Tetris MicroCard if you prefer)

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Is this about all the recent SH1106 issues?

It would be nice to have more to offer those who only have access to the SH1106 display, even if it’s not optimal it seems to be a growing segment of users.

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Step 1: Buy an SH1106 SPI OLED. (Anywhere works)

Step 2: Install @Mr.Blinky 's homemade package and recompile your games for the SH1106 specification in Tools. If you already have Arduboy2 installed, you have to remove them as they’ll take precedence over the manually-installed package.

Step 3: For the wiring, you can refer to the production schematic: Production Arduboy Schematic

Step 4: :flushed: :wink:

Not a video guide, but it might help a few. I’m not expecting a reward it took like 5 minutes to type lol :slightly_smiling_face:

Get out the webcam and install obs :slight_smile:


I could never-

I don’t have an actual SH1106 anyway but I assume the process would be the same for any other screen :man_shrugging:

You can help by sharing this contest on your social medias :slight_smile:

I have already built one with Sh1106 and I have also researched a lot and finally got it working so do I only need to write a guide or do I need to record video for wiring and hardware setups? @bateske

Writing a guide is welcome but to claim the bounty a video that shows the hardware and software is required!

Challenge Accepted !!!


If you just post the rickroll video you’re banned


Talking about Rickroll, have you seen the 60fps 4K AI remastered version? (close your eyes at 0.35 though, it may give you :ghost: nightmares :ghost: )

Ah yes, time to update my website :flushed: :wink:


Xbox 720.

Uh actually I choose rickroll for my profile pictre cause I didn’t thought so much about the DP and I gave it just for fun not gonna post the rickroll video. :joy:

For the person that’s going to make the rickroll tutorial video:


Website updated :slightly_smiling_face:


Temporarily removed the image track though 'cause it uses translate which makes everything so wonky.

Bump for educational video :slight_smile:

I found an OLED but I’m not sure it’ll work. I think it’s an SH1106.

(I’m kidding of course)

Hmm. I’d like to at some point, but all my supplies are buried deep in my basement while we finish up our renovation.

Still need to share my files and schematics here too.