[CONTEST] Nyan Cat for Arduboy

Let’s get Nyan Cat on the Arduboy!

First user to post animated loop of Nyan Cat running on an Arduboy with music wins a FREE and SECRET piece of exclusive Arduboy swag

Bonus: Playable Game!!
Extra-Bonus: 4-Channel Music
Ultra-Bonus: Rainbow LED pattern during 4-Channel Music

If one of you post up some code, and another user expands the functionality to meet one of the bonuses, we will award each submission! Good luck!

P.S. Pixel perfect replica is preferred :wink:


I think you should move the 4-channel music to the Ultra-Bonus :wink:


you’re all free to use the code and image

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Shuffled up the bonus scheme according to @JO3RI input

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… And super extra bonus for staying out of court? …



A mystery and secret piece of Arduboy Swag? I must obtain this piece of legendary merch

I’m pretty sure kevin meant the Arduboy Cat, which has a toaster studel for a body.


I made this and then ran out of dynamic memory. https://github.com/rawrer/cool/tree/master/Nyan_Cat4
Programming is hard lol.

A video posted by Fred (@derffff) on Mar 2, 2016 at 4:18pm PST

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@rawrer If your music fits, add it to mine!

edit: It looks far better on the device than it does in the video.


ROFL. Forgot about RGB led.

Wow that was fast!

Congratulations @wademcgillis and @rawrer you are winners! Nice freaking work!!

2 more possible winning conditions:

Adding music to what wade built, and then finally making the music 4 channel. Sounds like the song just barely fits in ram… so you’ll probably have to page it out of program memory in sections… Also there is a potential conflict on timers trying to run the RGB LED at the same time as the music.

Keep cracking. Samples for the prizes are coming to the office tomorrow I’ll post up pictures!

Super Extra Ninja Bonus: Write nyan cat song to generate procedurally! The Nyan Cat Formula!

Don’t think that will apply to something 4 channel.

I love it! Also I had no idea that the production arduboy had a multi-colored light. There’s so much potential with that…! :open_mouth:

Now that the libraries for tunes are a little more developed, wondering if anyone wants to explore this topic again :angel:

Epic bump:

@Celinebins here’s a little pick me up.

Done …


How much space is left? Can it be turned into a simple game where you are collecting stars or something?

Adding Tones and moving to the Arduboy2 library brings it down to 15124 bytes (52%) of program storage space. 1312 bytes (51%) of dynamic memory,

I didn’t want to do too much on this other than meet the target of adding some audio as it was pretty simple now the libraries have matured, preferring to leave the other “conditions” open for others to meet.

But …

I’m thinking that someone (Hello New Guy I’m talking to you) could look at @filmote’s Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur and maybe switch out the obstacles between Hearts and Bricks.

I was thinking just something super simple where you just try to collect hearts… maybe the hearts fill up a meter and if you don’t collect enough in a certain amount of time you get sad and go to sleep.