Continuing the Tetris Microcard

the micro card is a wonderful thing to have but what if one of are people have broken the card and sad that they ( the community) can’t buy the micro card any more so please replie so we the community can have the micro tetris card again and if I sound stuiped don’t do anything

Are you saying you cannot buy the microcard anymore?

If you want one, you can get one here >

They still have some in stock.

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Also, you might want to look at this thread > Any one hear about the new microarcade microcard things?

There is a new version of Tetris coming out.

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If you have a problem with your MicroCard you can reach out to for support.

I found a few just sayin

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Found them behind the couch?

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Yeah, this thing is really awesome and worth it. Of all the emulators/hardware combos I’ve played Tetris on, this is still the best.

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More or less.