Continuous ArduboyTune blocks reflashing

My WIP Lode Runenr game has a splash screen with a theme tune that runs ‘forever’ (TONES_REPEAT). Because of this, you need to reset the device to upload a new sketch,

Is this normal behaviour or have I done something wrong? Other than not repeating the tune, can you avoid this nasty behaviour?

I guess I can play the sound snippet - it is only a few seconds long - and user a counter to give some breathing space for the flashing code to get its teeth into the device before playing the tune again. But this seems a little hit and miss.

EDIT: I should have said that it appears that ArduboyTones and the repeating tune is the issue as removing it fixes the problem.

Does using flashlight mode allow uploading?

No …, you have to press reset.

Are you sure about the fact that we have to press reset to upload another sketch? This morning i uploaded a version of my own sketch over the latest version of Lode Runner V.099D and had no issue at all.

So flashlight mode works, no tune is playing, and you still have to press reset?

Right … it would not upload on reflashing. I suspect it will not make any difference but my testing was done under the old version of the Arduboy2 library. I should test again under the new version.

Mmmm … I was consistently having the problem as was @Pharap.

I just checked and had no issue with 0.99D, but I definitely had a problem 7 days ago (took me some searching but I found my comment about it).

I could systematically go through each one to find out where it was fixed but I don’t want to burn my flash out unnecessarily.
If you could narrow it down a bit I could double check.

Hold off … if you and @Vampirics say its changed, then I should retest with the latest version of Arduboy2 library.

If it stalls (for want of a better word) on the older library but not 5.0.0 then that probably means some of the stalls I had in the past were due to that.

I would be glad if it magically fixed itself.