Convert Ardynia to Arduino Nano? [Yes! Ported!]

Hello, I was very interested in this game, tell me how to remake this game for arduino nano (atmega 328p)?

I think that firstly you need to rewrite Arbuboy2 library from Leonardo to Nano. Nano has only 2kB SRAM compared to 2,5kB SRAM of Leonardo’s processor. For this game that may be critical.

Аnd how to do it? I just don’t understand it very well

The Arduboy2 library is already ported to the Nano/ATmega328p.

The lack of RAM will make it impossible to port the game, however.

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That is, you can only download 1 game?

No. I think you’re confusing RAM with ROM.

You can read up on RAM here:

I added a feature to the debugger to show max stack usage in a more convenient fashion.


After playing around with Ardynia for a bit, the stack always had at least 680 bytes free, so it’s probably possible to compile/run for 512 bytes less RAM.


I can confirm Ardynia is totally playable in a nano clone with harbaum’s arduboy2 port.


Did you have to change any of the code or just include the other library?

I have been adapting quite a lot of games to the nano i2c clone.

Sometimes they compile just with the harbaums arduboy2 but sometimes I have to tinker with sound libraries. Worst case I have to get rid of sound. Some I cant make them work of course.
Recently I had to delete a couple levels in a game because of memory shortage.

I dont remember how much I had to modify ardynia but I can upload the hex.
ardynia.hex (64.6 KB)

Same, I was able to play Ardynia on a nano by just changing sound codes to if(1==0);

Game was playable without any sound. I didn’t beat it but I played most of the game, had no issues.

I talked about this here if anyone wants to learn about my process:

Just so you know, you can just do if(false), you don’t need to write some weird nonsensical expression.

Or better yet, just comment-out the lines that use the sound library with //, then you can just use your editor’s ‘comment this line’/‘comment selected’ keyboard shortcut.

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Also should note you can create comment blocks with /* and */

/*i dont know what to put here
i dont know what to put here either
or here*/