Converting .png with grey scale to 0x00 format

Hi guys 

Still can’t wait for the system to be fully release so I thought I would make some sprites to program into a map so I can start learning.

I made my sprites on the piskel site. They are three different colors, black, dark grey and grey. When I load my Sprite in to the arduboy spite converter they come out like this…

Is there a simple converter that has grey scale , maybe post a couple links.

Any help would be appreciated

Update: Seems like here’s a thread on a 3rd color: 3rd Colour Pixel on Arduboy!

I don’t think Arduboy supports gray scale.


Arduboy doesn’t support gray scale. All the attempts at gray are just flickering between black and white. It can look nice with smaller images at the right refresh rate, but there is more flickering the more gray you do.

It’s probably best to think in terms of black or white for now. Or using a checkered pattern can kind of give a gray look as well. :slight_smile:


Is there a simple converter that has grey scale , maybe post a couple links.

Hi, @Duhjoker!
I had this problem previously, but I started reading through posts and found @crait’s Make Your Own Arduboy Game tutorial series, and found this great .png to 0x00 converter, which you can find a link to here.

Yet, alas, Arduboy can not display greyscale, as it’s screen is only black and white.
But, there have been many experiments to display greyscale images using flickering of the screen to simulate grey.

But I won’t go into too much detail about that.

Though here is a link if you are interested:
Mega Man greyscale scrolling demo with music!


@QEStudios why are you digging out a thread that has been already answered two years ago?