Cooties Attack!

i’m happy to announce! this is my first ever game finished! :smiley:
this was my entry for a game jam on (Game off 2021) with a “Bug” theme, so i’m using a bug on the movement and shoot, if you move while shooting the projectiles change directions

i found really curious that when i mentioned the arduboy on the discord, non of the participants knew it existed, i think only 1 had a vague idea, so i wanted to make something to give a little more of visibility to the arduboy

really thanks to @pharap and @filmote for the help and guidance with my problems

cooties.ino.hex (39.3 KB)

source code:
note: the hex file don’t have the movement bug, since i thought it may be annoying for people, the source code have it


I got to level 9


hey! i think that’s more than me! hahaha

Bullets tied again with player on It it because of Bug Game Jam theme?

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yup, i just took it out here cuz it can be annoying having it permanently


I think there should be some sort of visual feedback when you hit an enemy. Right now it seems more like they’re just blocking or absorbing the bullets.

Really nice job though! Do you have any tutorials you recommend for learning Arduboy better? I’ve done crait’s tutorial but I don’t know what to do next. Thanks!

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tbh my only recomendation could be just learn c++ in general, and try to have an idea, start with it and if you get stuck ask here

i learned more how to apply things i knew this last month by doing this game than on all the time i tried to just study
also if you already have a little of knowledge try to read other people codes and understand how they work, i really recommend crait’s and pharap ones

i thought on this, inverting the colors of the enemies when they attacked but didn’t knew how to do it, and really wanted to finish this before today (since tomorrow is my mom’s bday)

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excellent game )
During the porting to ESPboy I found an oddity in the code
file “game.h” line 81 we have

for (uint8_t i = 0; i < 10; i++){
  if (cootie[i].frame >=2){

but in file “structures.h” we have

constexpr uint8_t maxTargets = 5; and Characters cootie[maxTargets];

so I suppose that it’s better to correct as for (uint8_t i = 0; i < maxTargets; i++) to avoid undefined behavior


thanks! :smiley:

oh god, i totally forgot about that part on the code, that’s because first i was thinking on having 10 targets at max, then noticed it wasn’t a good idea and instead of changing manually everything i made that variable, but i guess since that one didn’t gave problems i didn’t noticed it wasn’t changed

i’ll fix that after the jam is over, i’m not sure if i can update it before that

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Seeing that the topic of the jam is “Bugs”, it’s probably best to leave it in. :wink:


my record is 900 points ))

another fix is to put


to the loop() at the end of case State::GameOver:
to start game again without bullets and enemies from the previous round

one more fix is to change in void moveBullets() in the file “game.h”
line 190
bullet[bulletNum].direction = hero.direction;
if (bullet[bulletNum].x == bulletOff) bullet[bulletNum].direction = hero.direction;
to avoid moving bullets to move with the hero movements after the shot )

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this is the intended bug from the game, now i don’t remember correctly the code, but i remember i put the fix on it, it’s just comented

but still i remember it was on a different way, i’ll try this one :smiley:
and really thanks for all the help fixing the code! :smiley:

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one thing i’m really happy about and wanted to share here :smiley: all the comments on the jam about the game are really impresed with the arduboy, and some people seems to be interested on it which makes me super happy

let’s hope to see some of them around here soon :smiley: