Could someone create/ post some tests?

Was wondering if someone could post some tests/exercises us newbies could attempt to help solidify the knowledge we’re learning from these guides…

I like to start by getting a ball bouncing around the screen.

One can use a single pixel or a graphic. You will implement the basics of bounding box collission and some simple physics in the process.

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Step 1 : Buy yourself a rubber duck. (It doesn’t have to be a rubber duck, any personified inanimate object will do, but a rubber duck is the cliché.)

Step 2 : Take the code you have written whilst reading said guides and explain how it works to the duck without looking at the guides.
If you find anything hard to explain to the duck or find yourself unsure of anything you are telling the duck, do more research until you are able to explain the code to the duck in a clear and concise manner (with maybe a few diagrams).

Step 3 : Attempt the same on a human (who knows what you’re talking about) if possible to make sure you are getting your facts correct.

Step 4 : Repeat with some different code.

This is a generalisation of a technique (some) programmers use for debugging their code called rubber duck debugging.

This is also why it helps to be friends with other programmers. Sometimes in the process of explaining an idea to them you realise it’s a bad idea that won’t work, or you find you don’t completely understand the process yourself. If you are able to completely explain the process and have them understand it then you can be pretty sure that you understand it yourself.

Please note, if your duck starts talking back to you, please book an appointment with either a psychiatrist or an excorcist; ducks aren’t supposed to do that.


Hey this is excellent point @khobo! We will be building a curriculum next year and I hadn’t thought about tests/quizzes.

I think what we would want to do is after every lesson have a few multiple choice questions. I never really liked tests actually so I would probably want to make it be short as possible and really focus on the core concepts of how things work instead of memorizing acronyms and terms.

I also think there is a potential to build the quiz into a game for the arduboy itself! You could take the quiz on the arduboy!!

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