CowBro - a fast paced action game

(Trevor Ancona) #1

So I made a goofy cowboy themed game. You are a cowboy and have to shoot randomly generated targets and grab time bonuses that drop from the top of the stage to continue. The GitHub to download it is here . I greatly appreciate any and all suggestions and I would love to keep working on and improving this game. Thanks for playing! By the way my current high score is 237.

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Trevor Ancona) #2

Oh yeah, let me elaborate on the controls, the directional buttons move you around, the a button shoots left, the b button shoots right, and both the a and b buttons together pause the game. To score points you must shoot the targets and to get more time you must walk into the clocks that drop from the top.

(Scott) #3

You shouldn’t be creating the ArduboyAudio arduAudio and ArduboyTunes arduTunes objects. The Arduboy ardu object that you created will do that for you.

Keep the ardu object but delete arduAudio and arduTunes

Arduboy ardu;
//ArduboyAudio arduAudio;
//ArduboyTunes arduTunes;

also remove arduAudio.begin

  // put your setup code here, to run once:
//   arduAudio.begin();

Then replace all instances of

and replace all instances of


//  arduAudio.on();;

//  arduTunes.tone(500, 100);, 100);

(Cody) #4

Can u do a vid I don’t have meh arduboy yet…:disappointed:

(Trevor Ancona) #5

@MLXXXp Ahh, thanks I’ll put that in right away. @Cody17 I don’t have a tri pod and my hands are really shaky so I’m not sure how I would make a video for it.

(Cody) #6

Ok thx I understand mine shake like nuts when I play games. Mabey try using pencils and blue tac might help :thinking:

(Holmes) #7

My top score was 27!!