Crates 3D - a Port of the TI-83 Puzzle Game

(Brian) #1

Here is a port of the 3D puzzle game originally written for the TI-83 calculator.

information on the original at:

Full TI83 version including Z80 source and level editor:

Guide the black block to the other black block.

Direction keys = move

A = rotate view 90 degrees

B = ‘push’ a crate (in conjunction with direction key)

Hold-A = quit / restart a level (e.g. if a mistake made)

On the title screen you can choose which level to play
using the left and right keys, then press ‘B’ to begin.

There are 16 levels in total. I have played through them all and can confirm they can all be completed, although the difficulty increases with each level.

There is a ‘save progress’ option available depending on whether
ALLOW_SAVE is set in the Crates3D.ino file. If it is set, then
while in a level, hold ‘B’ and tap ‘A’ to save progress. You
can then resume by choosing to play level ‘0’ on the title screen.
(This uses the EEPROM space between addresses 150 and 923)

(Extra levels made with the Microsoft Windows level editor should work
OK here in theory if the file format is converted)

Please see the ‘crates3d_TI83.txt’ file for more detailed instructions.

(If you download a ZIP file you might need to rename it from to just

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Scott) #2

That won’t work. Renaming the .zip file will still create a folder called Crates3D-master when the .zip file is extracted. It’s the folder Crates3D-master that should be renamed to Crates3D (not the file).

More details on installing sketches can be found in the Adding programs guide.

(Brian) #3

Ah ok sorry about that, I’m a Linux guy and normally use ‘git clone’ rather than zip files

(Ross) #4

Same here, it took me about an hour to figure out what was going wrong the first time through.

You can git clone in windows of course, but it does involve teaching a person how to find PS ; )

(Cody) #5

Could u maybe do a vid?

(Brian) #6

(Kevin) #7

This is so good, I love it. I been showing it to everyone! :slight_smile:

(Cody) #8

Thanks looks good! Can’t wait till my arduboy arrives