Crates - Pedal to the metal car crime!



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Pablo is a penguin. A penguin who likes cars. And stealing. Stealing cars. He uses these stolen cars to transport certain types of goods wanted by certain types of people to certain places that the police, ahem, cops, may or may not necessarily approve of.

You wanna work for Pablo? You gotta prove yourself. Strap in, hit that gas pedal, and get delivering!

Crates is an Arduboy game that lets you live our greatest car crime fantasies on the go! It even has a full game manual complete with an original short story! You can play the game in your browser thanks to the ProjectABE emulator, but the best experience is playing on a physical Arduboy console.

I wrote a brief devlog about my process of creating the game and its graphics.

The hex file is available for download on All source code is available on GitHub.

Enjoy and please leave feedback!


Nice Sprite rotations on the car, I can’t think of many games that have that many directions.

Wow … that is really good !

I also really like the web site you have built for it. However, it is a little hard to play as the website itself sometimes scrolls when you are playing.

Are you going to share the code? I bet a few people on here would be keen to assist in freeing up some PROGMEM to allow you to add more features.

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Thank you! Glad to hear my hard work made the game stand out a bit.

High praises! Thank you!

Good comment about the site. I’ll look into restricting scrolling.

Of course! Can’t believe I forgot to post the code! It’s all on GitHub. I’ve updated the initial post to link to the source as well. I could definitely use some help with the size.

Sketch uses 28638 bytes (99%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.
Global variables use 2217 bytes (86%) of dynamic memory, leaving 343 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes.
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Really nicely done. Really like the little details and the effort to make a website for it. Great work.



Thank you, Stephane!

This game is fun! It kind of reminds me of snake of all things, but much more unique. I wonder if you could add drifting? That might be a blast!

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed before, but it definitely does have a Snake vibe going on. Drifting was one of the features I desperately wanted but couldn’t manage to fit in. At one point, I had skid marks functioning to give visual feedback for when traction was lost. Perhaps with @filmote’s suggestion I could eventually go back in and add that functionality. It’d make collecting crates at top speed a bit easier.

I’d totally forgotten about that macro. I’ll have to read up on it a bit more to understand the best way to implement. Maybe exitToBootloader() can help alleviate some of the user “strain” related to removing the USB code. Thanks!

If you remove the usb stack you definitely want to give the user some means of uploading, ie exitToBootloader().

I might steal your car graphics and make an RC Pro AM style game with them :slight_smile: but that wont be for a while as I already have a game in the works.

Feel free! Chuck me a link when you’ve got something in the works. My Blender files are in the art directory in my repo ( if you want to take a stab at making some different car designs too.

awesome! I’ve never used blender. If I do take this on I would bet it won’t be till sometime in 2019. But RC Pro AM is one of my favorite NES games and when I saw your cars I was like :heart_eyes:

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Wow! Your games are always so polished and nice! I’ve added this to my list of favorite Arduboy games.

I haven’t played too long but I’m already finding it a whole lot of fun!


Wow! High praises! Thank you! I think you may have gotten the attribution wrong on your list though…

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Played it briefly in the browser and it’s fun to play. The car looks great.

I compiled with Arduino 1.8.5 and my pending homemade package update (with partly optimized sprites) and ARDUBOY_NO_USB saving 342 bytes more. It’s nice to see how the optimizers add up.

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My apologies! It’s fixed!

No worries. Copypasta happens to the best of us. Thanks again!

Dang! I’m wanting to move to my next project but you guys keep lowering that usage percentage to the point where I could put some of my dream features in!