Creating a base selection in Cart builder

In a card builer like:
is there a way to select the games i want in and download them.
Currently i subtract hundred games so the games i want are left and then create
the downloadable bin file.

I changed the title to ‘base selection’’ because it reflects better that use case which consists of making a personal selection of a curated list-collection that can be used as a base for future personal selections.And that is useful when the difference between two created selections are minimal . In my case my selection each time have differrent games but only 3 or 4 so my selection share the hundred of voids!

Once you have built your cart, click ‘Download CSV’ to create a reusable cart definition, Upload it next time …

I created the CSV and i uploaded it.
Now i have at my left two columns.
One with the available categeries. (but i cant create a new one)
Second with the available games that this cart builder offers by default.

At the main area i have three categories with one game at each.
So now i can mix and match cats and games and create my card in an ‘addition’ style that i wanted.

I hope i understanded the procedure correctly.

There is a button to allow you to create your own categories - it’s above the first column. You can also reorder the columns an so forth.