Creators Cake Day! 🍰

Wow the forum just let me know it’s my 2 year anniversary on the community forums here!

Everyone here has made this place so incredible, I’m just a small part of the puzzle I think sometimes. The hardware is important, but let’s not kid ourselves it’s just a jumped up Leonardo!

Let’s see where we go in the next year friends! Hooray for cake! :cake:

Also fish cake because apparently that’s an emoji :fish_cake:


well i dont want fish cake, crab cakes would be nice :smiley: happy anniversary!

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Glad these forums have been so active! I love hanging out, here, posting on random topics and helping people. :slight_smile:


Bump for one more year around the sun!

Thanks everyone for all of the contributions and good times!


Happy anniversary! Thank to this forum, i am now learning something i wanted to learn since i was a kid. And i am even having fun learning thanks to the people here! Thanks!