Creditcard sized GB design


Thank you for making such a great project possible. And thank you for all the help on the way. I had I lot of fun putting this together and designing the 3D print files for this. Always great to learn something new.

I started last fall, but got a broken screen from Aliexpress. Finally I got a working 1.3" sh1106 screen, and after using Mr. Blinkys great tools, I was finally able to get it working.

The back cover is held on using small hooks and some magnets. It is not as tight as I wanted it, but it stays perfectly in place and does not slide automatically.

I still need to add the RGB led, but I got really tired of soldering :wink: And the choice of simple Piezo speakers is probably not the best.

If I were to re-print the shell, I would make more room for a the flat volume potentiometer. And I would make the back cover fit more tightly.

The size of this Arduboy is Depth 14-18mm Width 52mm Height 84mm.


Noice! The 3d printing is strong!