Custom images on DIY arduboy package?

Hi all!

I have created some custom artwork for category and home screens on my DIY Arduboy.
I have been using this website to download game packages in the past and was wondering if there’s a way to upload my images in place of the default ones?

This website is amazing and thank you to whoever made it!

DIY Arduboy

Here is some of my artwork!




Unfortunately, there is no way to do that yet.

Its probably a nice feature to add at some point but I simply do not have time to do it right now. If you want, I can upload your images to the web server and you can manually edit your CSV file to point to them?

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Hi thank you ! that would be an amazing help!

Do you have an email I can send the images to ?

Thanks again!


Just zip them up and DM them to me.

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I made this image for DIY arduboys with alternate wiring diagram

It is referred as ssd1306 on the cart building site. I can change images with your artworks if you send them to me

I uploaded @Wheezer’s images and sent him some instructions on how to get them into his CSV and ultimately a BIN.

Maybe that is not a good name … can you think of something a little more intuitive?


I didn’t gave it that name, my original name was just “OzanFX” as referred in CSV files. Ozan is my name so it is not that innovative.

Maybe AlterFX or something like that would make more sense since it is a file for alternate wiring arduboys.

I am not picky about names so you can give any name if you find something that suits it.