Custom parts and spares

I’ve noticed users at times require parts or would like to customise their Arduboy and am interested to see how much interest there would be for custom parts, spares or even pursuing decals and so on.

I also had a sneaky interest in how easy it was to create a poll on here so choose your destiny with a simple click…

  • Custom Parts and spares I wanna pink my ride.
  • Yes but Spares only
  • No not interested

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Looks like we will be able to carry gold buttons, I’ll look into the economics of the front covers an other parts.


I’m one of the people who voted “spares only”, but truthfully if the numbers balance I think Arduboy customisation could be a good way to help keep Arduboy Inc funded between big projects.


I think this is probably the about the right of it. I would like to see spares/ customizing options. why not the unit when the software is already built for it. it all allows for growth of a great community. In my opinion that is.

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