Customers how to buy in China

Like your products very, very early has concern, is also very want to learn programming, could you tell me how to just can buy under mainland China customers, that can direct mail to China

You can pre-order on our store website:

We ship to china! Please be sure to provide your phone number for shipping. Will be shipping some time in the spring. Thank you!

Like him very much, will support you, still have a lot to learn from you


Kevin, any update on shipping the dev-kits ordered from the store website recently?

Kevin, I’ve booked a one, I don’t know when I can get it. I’m in China.

Hello, pre orders will ship in April, stay tuned! thank you!

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Kevin, when can I get it, my number is (number removed and sent in pm to @bateske)

Kevin, my number is [REDACTED] Whether arrange shipment?

Kevin, my number is [REDACTED] Whether arrange shipment?

Hello we have not started shipping yet, please stop posting your private phone number in a public form for pete’s sake!

We will email you once they have shipped. We do acknowledge that they are late but with good luck it will be the end of this month!

Kevin,my order number is R420279948,Arduboy production?